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Sports Annotation Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is a worldwide leader in sports annotation outsourcing. We’ve worked with companies for both international and domestic sporting events. Through our services, we provide valuable data that helps businesses evaluate betting odds and helps coaches prepare their teams better.

DEO’s annotation experts have helped companies uncover valuable information from sports events like soccer, cricket, rugby, and even greyhound racing! We also assist gaming companies with gathering information from multiplayer gaming competitions.

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DEO’s Range of

Sports Annotation Services

DEO offers a comprehensive range of sports annotation services designed to deliver
maximum impact to sports and gaming clients.

Bounding Box Annotation

DEO incorporates the most common type of video annotation into sports videos, using rectangular boxes to define objects. This process is customized to sports videos so that businesses are able to pull valuable datasets for training data during the ML process.

Semantic Segmentation

Our experts segment your videos into components and then annotate them. This allows our teams to identify selected parts of objects within the video on a frame-by-frame level.

Action Identification

DEO experts design and label 2D bounding boxes that track specific segments of sporting events and teams. Factors like player tracking help define essential moments during fast-paced action that are easy to miss. This data can be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a team.

Player Annotation

DEO can create nutritional databases that take lab analyzed food information provided by the client and enters it into a custom, well organized, easily searchable format that supports the swift calculation, tracking, or query of food ingredients.

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Sports Annotation Services to DEO

Sports annotation outsourcing with DEO is much more efficient than trying to build an in-house team. Here are some of the reasons top companies from around the world choose to work with us.

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Sports Annotation Outsourcing Services

DEO is the top sports annotation outsourcing partner for coaches, sporting and gaming events. Contact us today for a free quote. Sports data analytics have become a huge part of the industry. We’re seeing teams from every sport all around the world using data to formulate game plans.