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Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is a highly trusted partner of businesses around the world, providing them with top-quality audio annotation services. Audio annotation is an essential element used to make chatbots and virtual assistant devices more responsive – which is what DEO excels at. DEO’s teams have years of experience partnering with companies looking to take their machine-learning processes to the next level by accurately annotating different types of audio.

We’ve worked with companies in the IT, automotive, media, and entertainment industries for their audio annotation needs. Our services include tagging, classifying, and attaching metadata to audio files. Businesses of all sizes can use our comprehensive audio annotation services to train their chatbots to better understand human language. We offer flexible prices so that we can cater to businesses with different budgets.

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Audio Annotation Services Offered by DEO

DEO offers an extensive range of audio annotation services

Named Entity Recognition

Our annotators are experts at locating and classifying named entities within audio files. These entities like names, locations, etc., can be placed into a specific category based on the company’s unique needs.

Sound Annotation

Program your chatbots and other virtual communication programs to understand human speech by using our sound annotation services. DEO’s teams can tag specific sounds that allow automated systems to learn about them.

Speech Annotation

Speech is tagged using predetermined categories with our high-quality speech annotation processes. Make your chatbots smarter and more responsive by using this popular service from DEO.

Audio Sentiment Annotation

Our teams tag speech patterns in your audio files to detect patterns in their intent. Emotional reactions, interpretations in volume, and other audio cues are tagged with the appropriate emotional classification.

Audio Labeling & Classification

Using the right audio annotation techniques to classify a file is vital to the efficiency of machine learning systems and DEO offers labeling and classification of audio files as a service based on a company’s AI goals.

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