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Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is a worldwide leading partner in providing top-quality video annotation services. Our wide range of services focuses on the high-quality delivery of comprehensively labeled video datasets. We extract valuable information that is used to give businesses an edge.

DEO offers video annotation services to help companies improve their machine learning tools like self-driving vehicles, human tracking algorithms, and surveillance. We have worked with several large enterprises and Fortune 1000 companies in industries like healthcare, robotics, geospatial technology, and autonomous technology.

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DEO’s Range of

Video Annotation Services

DEO offers a comprehensive range of sports annotation services designed to deliver
maximum impact to sports and gaming clients.

Object Detection

At DEO, we take a client-first approach to all video annotation services by using a carefully tested process combined with state-of-the-art video annotation tools. We use these tools to detect objects of interest and identify them for appropriate categorization. This is all delivered in an easily digestible format.

Pose Estimation

Our teams are equipped with a highly planned operational workflow that ensures all video annotation services are delivered accurately. DEO uses this process to track frames of subsequent datasets and identifies human figures before classifying them into a training dataset.

Semantic Segmentation

DEO has built an organizational workflow that leads to 100% accurate annotation and the ability to track subsequent frames. Therefore, we can identify human figures and then create training datasets that are used to instruct the visual perception of the model.

Bounding Box Annotation

DEO also provides the most commonly used annotation service. Our team of experts can use rectangular boxes to illustrate specific objects and train data to work for your business. This enables the use of algorithms that can identify and localize objects.

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Video Annotation Services to DEO

Video annotation is a tedious and time-consuming task. It takes much longer to do it in-house and even then there’s no guarantee the results will be 100% accurate.

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Companies are sitting on a wealth of valuable data hidden in videos, so put it to good use. Outsource video annotation services to DEO. Contact us for a free quote!