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Outsource Public Records Data Entry Services

Public records are documents that record information pertaining to the public or used by the public to enter relevant personal data according to a specified format. They are used by government departments, information institutions, to either store information or dispense information and in most cases, the data provided are not confidential. Examples of public records are marriage licence applications, court proceedings, birth records, birth statistics, etc.

For these records to be accurately imputed in a usable format on different databases or forms, the process of data entry must be applied. Therefore all firms and departments which perform duties relevant to providing or storing public records, have a serious need for a data entry expert. We specialize in all forms of data entry and provide you with real personnel experience in using the right tools to accomplish your data entry projects.

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Why Use Our Public Records Data Entry Services?

Firstly, we bring to your data entry project an experienced staff, the latest techniques, tools and procedures that ensures your entry needs are met with the quality you deserve. We have been providing our data entry services for over 12 years to the general public, irrespective of nationality, which gives us an un-matched insight on data entry and its processes.

We also recognize the need for precision and sticking to details when entering public data, which gives us an edge over the competition.


Benefits of Our Public Records Data Entry Program

The benefits of our specialized services cuts into two areas which are the benefits you receive from our techniques and the benefits you get by outsourcing your data entry projects to us.

Benefits of our techniques: We provide you with the tools to help you transcribe public records given to us in any format to the format you require. We can transcribe hard copies to soft copies, convert files from PDF to MS word and vice versa. We can also accurately produce your data in other formats specified by you.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry to Us

Quality data entry processing has never come to you in a more accurate and affordable means for we eliminate the capital cost you would incur by setting up an independent data entry department. We treat your projects with the dedication it requires which makes us meet your deadlines for the smooth operation of your business.


Pricing — What Does It Cost?

We offer flexible pricing options that are based on your needs. Whether you prefer an hourly cost or a fixed-price contract, we can save you money.

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DEO's Quality

Your data deserves the best and we guarantee that our data entry operations will constantly be of the highest quality — that is why we can offer you a free trial that enables you to test our results and quality.