Schematic Segmentation and Annotation for Fortune 500 Technology Firm from Germany

The Client - Technological Powerhouse

Our client is a technological powerhouse in the fields of electrification, automation and digitization, founded in 1922 and providing technology solutions for smart, sustainable cities. One of the world's largest producers of energy-efficient technologies, our client pioneers infrastructure solutions, automation and software for industry.

Requirements For Schematic Segmentation and Annotation

Our team at Data Entry Outsourced was approached by the client for assistance with an on-going image annotation and schematic segmentation project. They had multiple images of onsite construction work, and required that the images containing the instruments, machines and gears be annotated.

This is an on-going project with the client, and to date, 494 images have so far been delivered. Two dedicated resources have been assigned to the project, and have completed on average 70 to 80 images per day.

Challenges Faced By DEO's Team

The main challenge faced by our team in taking on this project was a difficulty in annotating specific classes of images, especially with regards to instruments. In order to complete their task timeously and accurately, both resources made themselves familiar with each piece of equipment and machinery in the images before getting to work.

Process Outline for This Project

Backed by years of experience in image annotation and captioning, our team at Data Entry Outsourced instituted the following procedure, utilizing highly experienced and knowledgeable resources to ensure that the project was completed to our client's satisfaction.

  • After a detailed and in-depth meeting with the client to ascertain their requirements and preferences for the project, as well as their required terminology, two dedicated resources were assigned to the project
  • The images were received through the client portal
  • The team familiarized themselves with the machinery, instruments and gears in the images
  • Utilizing the tool for schematic segmentation and annotation, the team completed some test images which were sent to the client for verification
  • After receiving the go-ahead from the client, the team got to work with the rest of the images, completing between 70 and 80 images per day
  • After a batch of images were completed, they were returned annotated to the client in JSON format via the client portal

Key Takeaways of the Project

Thanks to our years of experience in image annotation and schematic segmentation, as well as the hard work and dedication of our team, the client was extremely pleased with both the accuracy of the annotated images as well as the speed with which our team completed their tasks. Though the project is still ongoing, we fully expect to work with them on similar projects in the future.

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