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Whopping 40% Cost Saving for the Client Seeking Online Research and Data Entry

The Client - Business And Revenue Development Specialists

The client is a corporation that specializes in working with companies to create significant and new enterprise values in the business industry. By working hand in hand with Business owners, they provide vision and execution, help align capital and management solutions all geared towards the goal of substantially enhancing franchise revenue and value.

They build corporate relationships through multiple B2B portfolio companies, resulting in an expansive network of business clients. Separately, they have aligned with technology partners that are at the forefront of the B2C marketplace. This combination has to lead to them assisting in almost 600, 000 company startups across more than a hundred countries.

Data Entry Specialists

Requirements for Online Research and Data Entry

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) with a data entry project concerning more than 1,00,000+ brand names including Nike, Adidas, etc. from millions of websites. They needed us to identify the official social media handles on each social media platform of those brands through online research. We were also needed to perform data categorization and finally upload the official social page URLs onto the client's customized online tool platform to ascertain the companies that were profitable to invest in.

Challenges Faced By DEO's Data Entry Specialists

The major challenges that our team faced were due to the content we were working with. Multiple URLs resulted in duplicated information, which greatly complicated things as we had to go through everything and edit out any duplicated content. Secondly, the very nature of our research was very intensive and time-consuming, as each website needed to be checked and scanned for the needed data individually.

We combatted these difficulties by breaking up the work into sections, and dividing the tasks between the team members, and also having numerous meetings with the client to properly ascertain exactly which information they needed. This helped in streamlining the tasks we needed to complete.

Process Followed by DEO

Our team took on this project in step by step format; we utilized our experience and the instructions from the client to ensure that we got it done right. Our data entry process was as below:

  • We started with a trial first on the client's request to confirm that we have understood the requirements well.
  • Client uploaded a list of URLs onto the customized tool, one resource, one day analyzed and delivered twenty original brand URLs.
  • Next, we followed the process of downloading a list of URLs of the specified brands from a client specified tool.
  • We validated all the URLs and updated all those to an Excel sheet to finally update those to the client provided tool.
  • Our team completed 20,000 brands per day, ten resources (2000 brands each)

Project Benefits Regarding Cost and Turnaround Time

By outsourcing these projects to us, the client benefited greatly in time and up to 40% in savings. Our team was able to assist the client in determining which company to invest venture capital in. They were highly pleased with our performance and quality of work and immediately requested for more projects to be handled by us.

By performing as a strong team and using our years of experience, we met all the requirements within the budgeted time. This venture has now transformed into a beneficial working relationship with the client, and we are confident that we will be working well together long into the future.

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