Accuracy vs. Speed: Outsourcing Data Entry According to Your Unique Needs

Accuracy vs. Speed: Outsourcing Data Entry According to Your Unique Needs

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Not all companies specializing in data entry are created equal. Not all companies with data entry needs are created equal. How do you know which company to trust with your data entry when you are pressed for time? How do you know which company to trust with your data entry when accuracy is more important?

Once you begin outsourcing your data entry, you will inevitably create a relationship with the company you work with. It is entirely possible that you might work with two companies over time, one that specializes in speed and one that delivers a high-rate of accuracy. Of course, high accuracy is imperative in all data entry jobs, but sometimes getting the job done quickly is the higher priority. In this case, it’s important to work with a company with whom you have a relationship, and whom you trust with your data.

Need It Fast?

In some cases, your data entry job might simply need to be done fast. It might be that you just need the data entered before you bring it back to your own staff for cleansing. If it is a matter of just getting data into a system because you know it will be cleaned-up later, then choosing a company with a strong reputation for entering data in a swift way will be of benefit to you.

Outsourcing your data entry when you need it done fast is always an optimal choice. Most companies are not able to take the time and budget to re-task several staff to a data entry project. Of course, it is up to you to know your budget and weigh the pros and cons of spending the money on data entry in this way. Ultimately, if the company you have outsourced to can get the job done on time and with a reasonable budget, you will have made a sound investment ”“ both in your own staff, and in your relationship with your data entry outsource company.

Need It Perfect?

If you need to have data entered perfectly the first time, then you will want to consider choosing a company with a reputation for having the highest rate of accuracy.

If your project is all about entering data accurately, then it will be helpful to look for a company that advertises attention to detail and a consistently high-rate of accuracy in projects. This might also be a good company to choose if you need your data organized and cleaned after entry.

The nature of your data entry job will ultimately dictate how you choose to get it done. Outsourcing data entry is a popular, effective and reasonably inexpensive way to have your work done accurately, without needing to overwork your current employees or take them away from current duties.

While data entry is an underrated skill, it is a valuable and valued skill nonetheless. Establishing a relationship with a data entry company that has quality staff, effective turnaround times and a high rate of accuracy allows you to rest in the knowledge that any of your data entry needs will be taken care of.

– Data Czar @ DEO

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