Tips to Hiring Top Quality Data Entry Personnel or Teams

Tips to Hiring Top Quality Data Entry Personnel or Teams

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The working world is moving at a frantic pace and accumulating data with it. When is the right time for your company to hire data entry teams to help you manage your data? How do you know which team is right for you?

As the amount of data in a company grows, so does the need for the company to figure out how to manage entering and organizing the data. Many companies are outsourcing their data entry to individual personnel, specialized organizations or teams that are competent, fast and trustworthy. Here are the top three categories to keep in mind when outsourcing your data entry.

1. Accuracy

If you are a company needing to outsource your data entry, you will want to ensure the company you find delivers top-notch service in terms of accuracy. Most companies will make promises about the quality of their data entry on their websites. When you are talking with a company about pricing and timing of a data entry project, it’s important to also ask about the staff they hire to work the projects. Are they entering data late at night? Are they in a comfortable workspace using good quality computers in a well-lit office space? If you are working in English, are the staffs entering your data native English speakers? These are all factors that will affect the accuracy of your data entry. Knowing who will be entering your data is important, and it is easy to forget this piece when seeking a company to manage your data entry. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of all the companies you solicit for your work, and to take your time making your decision.

2. Turnaround time

While being accurate in data entry is vital, many companies also need the data entered rapidly so that it can then be processed just as rapidly. Again, pay attention to the companies you are considering to manage your data entry. What is their track record? Do they make any claims on their website? Also, knowing your project inside and out will help you to know what a realistic expectation of a turnaround time might be. Know the limitations of the company you are possibly recruiting: Do they have staff on shift twenty-four hours?  Are they a company in a different time zone than you are? What is their policy if they fail to meet your deadline? Being aware of the consequences that may exist for your own company if the deadline is not met is also imperative, yet being able to explain your need for accurate and rapid delivery of service in a way that is not frantic or aggressive will also serve you well.

3. Cost

There is a common connotation that the most expensive companies are the best. This is not necessarily true. When you outsource your data entry to a company, it is important to not assume that the more you pay, the better the quality of service, or, conversely, the less you pay, the worse the quality. Take your time to explore the range of companies, services and rates. If you have the flexibility and foresight, perhaps send a few projects to a few different companies to see which one handles the project to your liking, before surprising a company with a big project you needed yesterday. Also pay attention to how the company bills you. Consider finding out how much the staff will be doing your work get paid per hour. Negotiating is always possible, in any business, but staying realistic about the nature of the workload and avoiding burning bridges by paying the company below their deserved rate.

Consider your data entry company as one more relationship in your working life, and take your time when choosing which company to work with. There is myriad high-quality companies out there who will be happy to work with you on any project you have. Choose the company that best suits your needs, and cultivate a quality working relationship. This will ensure your data entry needs are fulfilled in the best possible way.

– Data Czar @ DEO

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