Dos and Don'ts in Data Entry Job Applications

Dos and Don’ts in Data Entry Job Applications

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With the rising use of data in businesses of all sizes, qualified and effective data entry operators are increasingly important to business success. Maintaining databases has always been vital to any company – but the importance has advanced to a critical level in a “Big Data” world.

Data entry operators help keep an organization running by performing essential data-related tasks. While each organization will have unique requirements, there are some similarities in key data entry qualifications in most job profiles. In this article, DataEntryOutsourced explains the dos and don’ts of a data entry job application. The discussion is intended to be helpful to both potential job applicants and companies in the process of hiring data entry operators.

Essential Capabilities for Data Entry Jobs

A data entry clerk profile is likely to include employer requirements for at least these three primary capabilities:

  1. Patience, discipline and focus – the ability to concentrate while doing the same job for many hours in a sitting position.
  2. Typing skills – in addition to exhibiting a professional level of data entry speed and accuracy, data entry operators must be familiar with scanners and other digital input devices.
  3. Communication and IT skills – a key requirement involves excellent communication skills (verbal and in writing) plus essential software capabilities involving record management applications, word processors, spreadsheets and databases.

Areas to Focus on in a Data Entry CV

Potential employers for data entry operators are generally looking for a data entry operator resume that reflects the ability to handle multiple specialized responsibilities. Here are some areas that deserve a special focus:

  • Demonstration of computer literacy including advanced knowledge of MS Office
  • Ability to communicate effectively via email and phone
  • Typing speed of 40-60 words per minute
  • Data manipulation and analysis skills
  • Experience in locating and correcting data entry errors
  • Proficiency in performing fast, accurate and timely work assignments
  • 10-key by touch experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Grammar and spelling skills including checking for mistakes
  • Experience working on a team in a busy office
  • Dealing with customer queries and how you handled problems

9 Mistakes to Avoid in a Data Entry CV

While data entry operators should focus on their positive and relevant accomplishments and skills such as those noted in the preceding paragraphs, there are also some common mistakes to avoid. Here are some prime examples – don’t do the following in a data entry resume:

  1. Don’t forget a cover letter – and personalize it as much as possible
  2. Don’t oversell or misrepresent your qualifications
  3. Don’t include personal identifying data such as age and Social Security number
  4. Don’t bury your most important information by mentioning it last
  5. Don’t send an identical resume with each application – customize the resume according to the specific position
  6. Don’t forget to check spelling and grammar – and don’t rely on automatic spell checks! (Check everything at least three times)
  7. Don’t try to cover everything with a multiple-page resume – be concise and use a one-page resume
  8. Don’t use fancy fonts or a font size larger than 11-12 points
  9. Don’t use a ready-made resume template – make it your own!

The Rising Demand for Data Entry Operators

Data entry jobs now exist in all business and government sectors. Many companies provide the freedom to work from home. Compensation for data entry operators depends on the specific company, location and nature of the assignment. Regardless of what type of data entry work you are looking for, you should encounter an appealing variety of work choices.

DataEntryOutsourced is a global expert in the data entry field. Our professional team of data entry operators has been working worldwide for more than a decade. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help or advice ”“ however this article is not intended to invite job applications, but only to help job aspirants in the field of data entry to prepare their applications well.

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