Ideal Data Entry Job Profiles

Ideal Data Entry Job Profiles

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DataEntryOutsourced periodically receives inquiries about what characteristics an “ideal” Data Entry Professional possesses. A special post for our followers, here are our thoughts about the ideal skill sets for three different levels of Data Entry jobs – entry-level, mid-level and senior positions. In this article, we also provide a brief overview of Data Entry Platforms.

Ideal Skill Sets

For all three levels of Data Entry Jobs, the ideal candidate should have these skills:

  • Excellent IT skills, especially with Excel.
  • Accurate and methodical typing skills including 10-key by touch.
  • Ability to learn new skills and be a good listener.
  • Communication skills including confidence on the phone.
  • Willing and able to perform repetitive work.
  • Proofreading skills and attention to detail such as spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Observing data confidentiality.
  • Flexible and cheerful.

Opportunities for qualified data entry candidates can be found in a wide variety of organizations. Data entry companies hiring for these positions usually have part-time, full-time, temporary, contract and fixed-term positions and online data entry opportunities. However, there are unfortunately many illegitimate companies making fraudulent work offers – be vigilant in your search!

What Does a Data Entry Job Involve?

Data entry professionals have a variety of titles – for example, Data Entry Operators, Transcriptionists, Typists, Information Processing Workers and Data Entry Clerks. Here is a sampling of what they do:

  1. Work with numerical and text-based information involving databases and spreadsheets.
  2. Ensure that data is updated, useable and accurate – the goal is perfect data entry.
  3. Find and correct data entry errors.
  4. Guarantee quality standards are met.
  5. Combine roles of customer service advisor and data entry clerk as you advance.
  6. Input information into newly developed programs.
  7. Review the output and validate accuracy.
  8. Maintain work and activity logs.
  9. Perform multiple data tasks – compile, categorize, tabulate, calculate and audit.
  10. Help others and work in a team environment.

One of the most popular work from home jobs is online data entry – while specific opportunities vary, you should expect most of them to involve a combination involving several of the tasks listed above.

A Glimpse into Data Entry Platforms

The work platforms for most data entry positions feature MS Office (especially Excel) and basic templates in financial reporting. Additional data entry platforms include optical character recognition (OCR), scanners, printers, and the Internet – computer software packages for data entry can be generic or customized for a specific company. Online data entry positions usually require computer interfaces that are compatible with advanced security measures when working with confidential information.

Developing a Career in Data Entry

A major advantage for those seeking data entry careers is the usual absence of specific educational requirements beyond a high school diploma. However, as noted above in “Ideal Skill Sets,” previous data entry experience is frequently rewarded within one to five years with advancement into higher-level positions.

Without prior experience, you should expect to start in entry-level assignments that involve Excel and basic computer skills. Once you have established your ability to meet timelines and maintain low error rates on data entry, your next career step will be a mid-level Data Entry Job – often involving advanced work that includes medical records and claims along with some initial supervisory responsibilities. With a successful data entry record spanning at least three to five years along with a college degree, you may become eligible to move into senior level Data Entry Jobs. These positions typically involve more problem solving, coordinating and managing. There are multiple advancement opportunities including team leader and supervisor that also include recruiting and training responsibilities.

If you like to add anything further to this career post, DataEntryOutsourced would like to hear from you! Please leave a note in comments section.

Disclaimer: This blog is only to serve as guidance for career aspirants in worldwide Data Entry. Please note that this is NOT an invitation to apply for Data Entry Jobs at DataEntryOutsourced.

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