How Virtual Employees Can Help You Manage Data Entry Projects

How Virtual Employees Can Help You Manage Data Entry Projects

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Hiring is costly. It’s time consuming. It’s all too often a failure as well ”“ your new hires might have only minimal skills in the desired area, or there could be personality clashes. Hiring traditional in-house employees to handle your data entry projects is increasingly problematic for companies in all industries and niches. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were another option? Actually, there is. You can hire virtual employees to handle your projects and avoid those pitfalls.

What Are Virtual Employees?

There are two types of virtual employees ”“ actual employees who telecommute to work and outsourced employees who work for your company fulltime, but aren’t actually employees. The latter type is the preferred option for several reasons.

As mentioned, traditional employees are costly ”“ that applies to employees who telecommute as well as those who work at your location. Telecommuting employees are still employees, which means you still have to provide them with benefits, they still cost you in taxes, and you still have to pay for vacation and sick time.

Outsourced fulltime employees are another matter entirely. These are professionals who work for your company on a fulltime basis, but aren’t actually employees. They are employed by an outsourcing company that contracts with your firm to provide you with a specified number of fulltime employees. The arrangement can be for virtually any duration that might work for your organization. This might be for a week, a month or even an entire year.

What Can Outsourced Virtual Employees Do?

Virtual employees can do anything for your business that an in-house data entry professional could do. For instance, if you were building an eCommerce store and need to transfer your offline product catalogs to your website, product data entry professionals would be the ones handling the task. They can do everything from uploading product images to entering product descriptions and specifics, deleting duplicate or outdated entries, and anything else needed in terms of managing your online catalog. Of course, data entry professionals can do plenty of other things for your business.

Why Choose Outsourced Virtual Employees?

Why should you choose virtual employees through an outsourced data entry company? Beyond the savings in time and money mentioned above, there are several compelling reasons. One of those is that you’re guaranteed each virtual employee possesses a minimum base skillset that fits your needs. Each employee is fully vetted by the outsourcing company before they’re brought onboard. That takes all the guesswork and stress out of the process for you. Ensuring that in-house employees have the skills, experience and education necessary for the task is one of the hardest things about the process. By hiring virtual employees through an outsource data entry company, you skip that and ensure that all of your data entry professionals are just that ”“ consummate professionals.

Hiring virtual employees through an outsourcing company for your data entry needs is an ideal solution. You save time, money, and stress, while simultaneously ensuring your needs are being met by a trained, qualified data entry expert.

– Data Czar @ DEO

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