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Product Data Entry Services

International sellers who need extra resources as they establish their eCommerce sites or require assistance in maintaining and updating their products details on an ongoing basis are looking to Data Entry Outsourced (DEO), a leader in outsourced eCommerce solutions.

DEO professionals are recognized as experts in providing product data entry and catalog services to a growing number of eCommerce retailers. When you require product catalog building or data entry, the trained experts at DEO will provide high-quality services quickly and affordably.


Our comprehensive catalog services are contributing to the success rate of eCommerce retailers around the world. By applying effective image optimization techniques, catalog conversion, building and indexing expertise along with the very best in imaging and graphics support, DEO will help your eCommerce business maintain the highest conversion rates possible.

Catalog Services

Our range of catalog services extends from the most basic eCommerce product data entry to catalog conversion, building and indexing. Below are just a few of the ways DEO can help you maintain a high-volume, successful online retail business.

01 Catalog Conversion

DEO catalog conversion services are designed to help you successfully add products to your site and begin attracting customers immediately. Our professionals are skilled across a wide range of catalog types, so regardless of the category of products or services you sell, our broad experience guarantees that your items will be easy to find and conversion rates will be high. Catalog services include:

  • Optimizing product images for the highest impact possible
  • Adding descriptive information about each item or service
  • Effectively indexing and updating products for maximum consumer search ability

02 Catalog Building and Indexing

DEO will assemble unique information about your products and create a highly functional database to make searching easy for your customers. This includes:

  • Application of effective descriptions and product codes
  • Applying and tagging the appropriate images (Cropping, Enhancing, Resizing & tagging)
  • Organizing by category and sub category
  • Specialized coding techniques

With the help of DEO, your catalog will feature robust functionality, satisfying your customers by returning lists of products based on their search criteria. After the initial build, we can keep the information fresh and effective with regular updates as needed.

Product Data Entry

Our product data entry professionals are experienced in all major eCommerce CMS technologies:

  • Magento

  • Quick.Cart

  • CubeCart

  • Zen cart

  • osCommerce

  • Axis

  • PrestaShop

  • OpenCart

  • AlegroCart


  • BoxBilpng

  • AbanteCart

  • TomatoCart

Data Mining

Customers obtain product information and pricing details from a variety of sources, and to get competitive advantage, DEO can perform data mining from Competitor and Supplier websites and other online sources.

  • DEO can perform competitor monitoring to get insights on ever changing pricing dynamics, providing valuable data for timely and profitable decisions.

  • Product description, image files, and other support information can be mined directly from suppliers' websites and entered into the CMS as per the guidelines.

  • DEO has the ability to mine data from the Web, PDF files, e-books, and e-brochures to catalogs, spreadsheets and much more.

Image and Graphic Support

'At DEO' we believe in the 'selling power of images'. Shopping is in part a visual process, so image quality will help sell your product. Our skilled experts will use photos and graphics to maximize the salability of your products.

Our imaging services include but are not limited to:

  • Image resizing
  • Zoom view
  • Image enhancement
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Image tagging
  • Image clipping
  • Image cropping
  • Background change, and more

eCommerce Order Processing

DEO is experienced in all aspects of expediting customer purchases. We have worked with numerous eCommerce sites and storefronts using a multi-step process that involves capturing order information, determining product availability, processing the electronic purchase, and facilitating invoicing and shipping of goods to the customer.

Data Entry Quality Assurance

Maintaining a reputation for high-standards and quality service is of utmost importance. Whether we are providing eCommerce Product Data Entry, image management or eCommerce order processing, DEO uses the most up-to-date industry best practices, including ISO standards for eCommerce.

Extended Customer Benefits

DEO is an authority in product data entry and catalog updating. For businesses launching and eCommerce site or for those who require resources to maintain and grow their eCommerce business, we take customer benefits to the next level with:

Everything you need for eCommerce Product Data Entry and Catalog Updating

As a leader in providing solutions for online retailers, DEO is committed to helping our customers achieve their eCommerce goals through the highest-quality product data entry and catalog updating services available. With DEO, eCommerce businesses have access to the most experienced experts in the field for help with enhancing their retail sites. Contact our data entry experts at Data Entry Outsourced and start increasing your online retail sales today.

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