Canadian Marketer Gains Data Entry Support Enabling 400 Completed Calls Per Day

The Client – Canadian Advertising Agency

The client is a Marketing and Advertising Agency based in Montreal, Canada, with over ten years of industry experience. Their focus on digital advertising and lead focused marketing helps them execute fresh, powerful new campaigns that accelerate creative branding. The client is a leader in providing monthly SEO, marketing roadmaps, creative consultancy and direction, social media marketing, and PPC digital marketing. They serve both local and international companies, helping their clients with market positioning and distinct messaging and visuals.

Data Entry Requirements for the Project

Given the rapidly growing state of the client’s business, they needed help managing their call volume and required call center support. They wanted to work with a data entry company with the resources and capabilities to help manage their call center. This included clicking on phone numbers as soon as they appeared on the screen as inbound calls on a predictive dialer for their agents.

The client discovered Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) during an online inquiry, and after speaking with our sales team, decided to contract our services due to the following:

  • Ability to align our resource’s work schedules with the client’s call center hours on an EST time zone.
  • Ability to click on at least 40 phone numbers per minute and maintain that pace for a full 8-hour workday.
  • Commitment to working with the client’s project managers throughout the length of the project contract.

Challenges Faced by Our Data Entry Operators

DEO faced a few specific challenges while working on this call center support and management project for the marketing and advertising industry:

  • DEO’s resources had to adjust their schedules to work the same hours as the agents at the client’s call center, which required an adjustment to both their personal and work schedules.
  • Holidays and break times had to be aligned with the call center agents as well, causing DEO to conduct some rescheduling of other existing resources to accommodate this change.

DEO’s Step-wise Approach to This Project

DEO created a personalized process for this call center support project that would ensure successful management of resources, time, and capabilities:

  • Following comprehensive client consultation, DEO assigned three dedicated resources to work exclusively on this project.
  • The client shared login credentials for each of DEO’s resources to login with and set a work schedule that coincided with their agent’s login and logout timelines and break schedules on an EST time zone.
  • DEO’s team was required by the client to log in and logout 2 minutes before and after each scheduled break.
  • DEO’s team had to click on every individual phone number that appeared on the screen, averaging 40 phone numbers per minute.
  • The clicks ceased 2 minutes before each break, and 2 minutes before each logout time.
  • The work was conducted on an 8 hour per day schedule that accommodates the client’s recognized national holidays and weekly time off.
  • DEO’s resources were extremely punctual and quick to click on every incoming call that was then connected to the call center, including marketing SMS’s.
  • This project continues on an ongoing basis with DEO’s resources completing 400 call clicks, respectively, each day.

Key Project Takeaways from This Data Entry Project

DEO continues to successfully work with the client on this call center support project, with the following key takeaways:

  • The client is very satisfied with the performance of DEO’s team and has renewed the contract for another year.
  • The call flow for the client’s agents is at an ideal pace, with no calls being missed by a single agent.
  • DEO is pleased to work on this long-term contract with the client and will be scaling up to 5 to 6 FTE resources in the near future.
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