Survey Information Data Entry for 30-Billion-Dollar Consumer Electronics Company

The Client - Well-Known Consumer Electronics Company

Founded in 1925, our client is a well-known producer of high-end Danish consumer electronics, known for designing a radio to work with alternating current when most radios at the time ran on batteries. They are currently in the business of designing and manufacturing audio products, television sets, and telephones.

They also supply sound systems for higher-end, premium vehicles such as the Aston Martin DBS, Rapide, Audi, and BMW, as well as newer model Fords such as the revised 2018 F-150 and the 2019 Ranger.

Requirements For Survey Information Data Entry Project

Our team at Data Entry Outsourced was approached by the client, as they wanted to showcase their products at leading stores, and required survey information to be captured. As part of the project, the client shared a list of brands, mostly belonging to the lifestyle products category, and corresponding URLs which were to be used to fetch the list of dealers.

The client required our team to collect the store information and information about the dealers, as well as other particular information, including a checkmark column of the four brands carried by the dealer.

Challenges Faced By Our Team During This Project

The main challenge that was faced by our team in completing this project was the tight deadline and the sheer number of records, with over 1300 records to be completed in just five days. To ensure the project was completed accurately and within the deadline, three of our most dedicated resources were assigned to the project.

Detailed Process Followed for Data Entry Assignment

Drawing on our years of data entry experience, our team at DEO worked tirelessly to ensure the client's needs were met within the deadline, and to ensure completely accurate results.

  • The list of brand details and URLs was fetched.
  • A few were completed as a trial, and the results were sent to the client for verification.
  • After getting the go-ahead, two data entry specialists were assigned to the project.
  • The information was extracted, and 1 300 records were completed well within the deadline.
  • A thorough QC was performed, and the final files were sent to the client.

Project Benefits for the Survey Data Entry Project

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated team, the project was completed to the client's satisfaction, well within the deadline. They were able to save both time and money by outsourcing to Data Entry Outsourced and were extremely happy with the speed and efficiency of our service. We fully expect to work on similar projects with them in the future.

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