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Survey Data Entry Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides Survey Data Entry Services to help businesses manage and process the large volumes of survey data that they deal when meeting their marketing, customer, brand, and employee research objectives

Businesses can leverage highly organized, digitized survey data from DEO for strategy development, identifying weak areas based on consumer feedback, increasing customer retention, and improving products and service offerings. Challenges related to survey quantity and material are addressed with rapid conversion and compilation, and intelligent data management solutions from DEO. Scalable pricing frameworks and a consistent, quality approach to data entry processes ensure that businesses can take advantage of DEO's popular, cost-effective service.


Wide Range of Survey Data Entry Services
from Data Entry Outsourced

DEO utilizes cutting-edge digital scanners and software, as well as manual best data entry practices, to maintain a 99.9% accuracy level for all entered survey data. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO gathers data from survey results and uses manual and automatic data entry for the best accuracy assurance. This includes coding, cleansing, cross-field verification for further processing

  • DEO uses advanced data capture systems, including OCR, OMR, and ICR, to precisely collect all the information, symbols, and characters contained within survey data.

  • DEO removes incorrect, invalid, or outdated information, merges duplicate data, structures data sets, and enhances existing information based on business needs.

  • DEO prepares a tailored database that integrates with existingsystems and data sources. We enable streamlined access to survey information, maximizing identification and retrieval.

  • DEO provides detailed analysis and concise reporting of survey information to supplement a business' internal analysis capabilities and offer additional insights to support decision making.

  • DEO offers management solutions that include assessing survey data records, auditing, and restructuring data, comparing incoming survey data with existing records, and maintaining databases.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO's Market Survey
Data Entry Solutions

Businesses can better reach customers and prepare the effective marketing strategies with finely tuned survey data that meets rigorous organizational requirements, and obtain the following benefits:

  • Competitive Gain: Differentiate your brand from competitors and deploy research data towards determining where to allocate marketing campaigns to gain the strongest competitive advantage with quality-controlled data for robust accuracy and contextualization.

  • Smart Resource Deployment: Translate clean, accurate survey data into actionable takeaways for your business, allocating financial resources towards the highest ROI, promotional measures, and product development.

  • Customized Formats: Organizations can save money and reduce time trying to interpret multiple survey materials with digitized formats that can be easily stored and maintained.

  • Invest in Customers: Outsourcing survey data entry enables your company to invest more energy in customer feedback to improve the current customer experience and attract new customers to your brand.

  • Deploy all Information: Businesses can utilize data collected in surveys, ensuring that it doesn't sit dormant and unused in their computers or databases with DEO's state of the art digital and manual data entry practices.

  • Shareable Data: An easily read, convenient custom database for survey data allows businesses to map out a customer journey, and share insights with employees, analysts, product managers, and developers.

  • Multiple Survey Sources: DEO's Survey Data Entry can organize, enrich, and compile data from emails, online surveys, social media, corporate portals to optimize feedback and prepare it for further analyzation.

  • Security Guarantee: Valuable, sensitive customer, business, and employee survey data are treated with the most advanced security measures and data privacy protocols in a modern, meticulously maintained facility.

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Hassle-free Compilation of Survey Data with Data Entry Outsourced

Businesses can overcome challenges in compiling survey data from numerous sources with targeted Survey Data Entry Solutions from the specialists at Data Entry Outsourced (DEO). Make smarter decisions based on authentic, quality survey data, and increase survey performance capabilities for both employees and customers.

Contact DEO today for a personalized consultation with our certified team and discover why we are the preferred destination for affordable, trusted data entry services.