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market trends

Why Real estate marketing heads need to stay updated with the market trends?

06 Mar 2024

Introduction: In a fast-paced industry where timing is as crucial as the investment itself, real estate mar Read More

Real Estate Operations Managers

Document Data Extraction: An Efficient Solution for Real Estate Operations Managers

26 Feb 2024

The real estate industry, a sector steeped in paperwork, is on the brink of a revolutionary change. With an estimated 90% of the world's data created in the last two years, th Read More


Deciphering the Crucial Role of Image Annotation in Streamlining E-Commerce Strategies

09 Nov 2023

In the constantly evolving online shopping market, personalized customer interactions are no longer a novelty but a necessity. A recent study by Amazon Web Services pinpoints Read More

Outsource Data Processing

Economics of Scale, how and why enterprises are outsourcing data processing services

08 Aug 2023

Surviving and thriving in the post-Covid-19 market scenario is daunting for all businesses, especially with rising inflation and a weakening dollar. If you are a company in th Read More

Legal Aspects of Commercial Tenant Screening Banner

Understanding The Legal Aspects of Commercial Tenant Screening Questions

03 Aug 2023

Commercial property management requires meticulous tenant screening to ensure success and security. Understanding the legal aspects is crucial to avoid issues and upholding fa Read More


Scale Your Property Management Business: Back Office Support for Growth

05 Jul 2023

Scaling a property management business can be a challenging process, especially when faced with the increasing demands of managing a growing portfolio of properties. According Read More

Property Management

Remote Property Management: Tips for Success in a Digital World 

29 May 2023

Navigating Your Remote Property Management Business with the best tools in Digitalization The real estate i Read More

Property Management

Property Management is Exciting Until the Back-Office Tasks Start Piling Up

08 May 2023

The back-office process is an essential part of any business that needs to be managed properly at every step. A property management resource company takes care of the property Read More

US-based property managers Banner

How US-based property managers can succeed quickly?

28 Apr 2023

The uncertainty in the property market and the reticence of investors in the commercial space has finally ended in this post-covid year. The market is looking up, and research Read More

Future of Insurance Data Entry Banner

The Future of Insurance Data Entry is Automation with Human Intervention

13 Apr 2023

Data entry has always been an essential and integral part of businesses that leverage some form of computing and, these days, some extent of automation. While data entry is in Read More