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Components of a Database Management System Banner

Components of a Database Management System

02 Jul 2013

Organizations produce and gather data as they operate. Contained in a database, data is typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality in a way that supports processes requiring this informa Read More

Web Data Mining Banner

Generating Leads With Web Data Mining

04 Jun 2013

The Almost Infinite Data on the Web There is a growing trend among organizations to gather information from the web and to use that information for their best interest. In business, the web a Read More

Survey Form Processing Partner

How to Choose the Right Survey Form Processing Partner

18 Apr 2013

Survey Form Processing is a process wherein a dedicated team caters to the data processing needs of a company. A Survey Processing Read More

Ecommerce Development Banner

Ecommerce Development and Online Data Entry

26 Mar 2013

Ecommerce, itself, refers to the ability to conduct business transactions online. Prior to the advent of eCommerce, it was more difficult to purchase airline tickets, conduct research on consum Read More

Big Data Banner

What is Big Data and Data Structuring

05 Mar 2013

Big Data refers to an extremely large and complex set of data. In fact, this data set is so huge that it is challenging to process with traditional Read More

Data Management

Does Data Management Have to Be Expensive in Order to Be Effective?

27 Nov 2012

People generally believe that expensive means better. Sure, this might be true for products such as clothing, CDs, and DVDs, where paying the full cost for an original item is always smarter than tryi Read More

Outsourcing of Business

Outsourcing of business continuity and Information security – which is the bigger risk?

30 May 2012

Outsourcing is prevalent among nearly all facets of business in today’s world, from customer acquisition to marketing to employee training services. However, the two most difficult, and most dangero Read More

Catalogue Updating

Catalogue updating, the daily dose for eCommerce!

02 May 2012

Catalogue updating requires keeping a list of products, prices, and descriptions both current and available to browsing customers. Catalogue updating can be performed in a traditional fashion by compa Read More

With 100% OCR on the line, are ASCII characters a bane or boon for outsourcers?

29 Feb 2012

Recent advances in Optical Character Recognition ”“ OCR for short ”“ have led to the development of scanning equipment and software systems that are able to reproduce printed text with near-pe Read More

Does a Double-Entry Model of Data Entry Work in Reducing Errors?

15 Feb 2012

As any scientist, college professor, or an executive can tell you, proper data entry is the lynchpin of any research project, thesis, or enterprise. The importance of accurate data entry cannot be ove Read More