Specific Features of Product Data Entry and Their Importance

Specific Features of Product Data Entry and Their Importance

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Product data entry is a key component of any company’s online retail presence. Product data entry can be done in-house, but also lends itself well to outsourcing. If you are a company with limited resources and want to save costs on staff and infrastructure, it will be in your best interest to outsource your product data entry. There are numerous data management companies that are well-equipped to manage your product data entry. Here are some features of product data entry to be aware of.

Catalog Creation

Many data management companies that specialize in product data entry for e-Commerce are also skilled in the creation of strong and effective catalogs. Qualities of an effective catalog include easy-to-read product descriptions peppered with key words so they show up readily in searches, along with nicely curated and placed images of each product. Catalogs that open quickly and easily online, either in a new tab or window, are also more user-friendly than catalogs that open as a separate file, for example an Adobe file, as sometimes not every consumer has the latest version of Adobe on their computer. Ultimately, good product data entry at the catalog creation level will generate more consumers. Part of what makes e-Commerce so profitable is its ease of use for the consumer; introduce consumers to your product through an easy-to-use and attractive catalog prepared by experts.

Product Descriptions

Outside of a catalog, product descriptions on your website are the next avenue for consumers to learn about your product. Outsourcing this piece of product data entry is helpful. Unless you have very skilled in-house staff in place to manage this, a professional data management company that specializes in product data entry for e-Commerce will create high quality product descriptions, among other things, and enhance the overall visual appeal of your website. It is important that descriptions are clear, concise, and also sprinkled with keywords so they turn up in all searches. Another element to this part of product data entry involves the placement of descriptions or other information about your product. Quality product data entry here will result in updated descriptions, updated news on sales and deals, shipping times and product left. If you outsource this piece, be sure to check that there is a quality control system in place at the data management company you are hiring; this will ensure all of your product information is accurate and up-to-date at all times.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Any major data management company to whom you are outsourcing your data will also have expertise in data mining. This can be a valuable tool for your online business, as data mining allows the company to compile information on pricing and products from your competition. This data is invaluable as a business owner and will keep you competitive in the marketplace.

While your product is integral to the nature of your online business, be sure not to neglect the importance of all the behind-the-scenes work of product data entry in getting your product sold. Outsourcing your product data entry to the professionals may be the best investment you make in your online business. Maximize the popularity of e-Commerce by having an attractive catalog, product descriptions infused with search-engine friendly words, and knowing at all times where you stand in the big picture of a competitive marketplace.

– Data Czar @ DEO

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