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The Evolution of the e-Commerce Industry

Published On December 25, 2013 -   by

In the relatively short lifespan of the e-Commerce industry, it has taken off like a veritable rocket ship. From the mid-1990’s onward, as the internet became more and more prevalent in people’s lives, to 2012, when the huge numbers of online sales transactions made before Christmas surpassed that of live retailers, e-Commerce has evolved rapidly into an easy, efficient ”“ and profitable ”“ forum for a large majority of retail exchanges. How did it grow so fast? What makes it so popular? Most importantly, how does good product data entry help with your e-Commerce business?

The Rise of e-Commerce

With the rise of high-speed internet came the true rise of e-Commerce. Amazon was a pioneer in the online retail movement, providing a site where consumers can buy their products with just one click. E-Bay was also an early e-Commerce pioneer. Both Amazon and E-Bay gained in business as high-speed internet became more accessible to consumers. A speedy transition from the days of dial-up to wireless internet that is easily and cheaply available has allowed for many more retailers to get a piece of the e-Commerce pie.  Issues like delivery time at Christmas, or security of financial information being given online, were easily and quickly ironed out through this evolution. Now, more than ever before, consumers can do virtually all of their shopping, banking and any other financial errands online; quickly, safely and efficiently.

Why is e-Commerce so Popular?

E-Commerce is popular because it has evolved into an easy, user-friendly, safe and efficient way to engage in business transactions. It is easy for people to use at home and makes shopping simple, a matter of clicking and buying. People can manage their bank account transactions on their phones, iPods, iPads or laptops. E-Commerce allows people to save time and energy and cuts out the middlemen of bank tellers or retail associates. For companies, e-Commerce allows them to reach a wide audience and move more of their products. In between businesses, e-Commerce allows for safe and rapid transfer of money or product as well. E-Commerce has allowed for some businesses to be built entirely online, with no old-fashioned store-front in sight.

Effective Product Data Entry

As more and more companies and consumers get savvy to the rise of e-Commerce, it is increasingly important that retailers present attractive, user-friendly sites to draw in customers. The competition is stiff, but you can give your company the edge by having streamlined and effective product data entry. Product data entry is easily outsourced to professionals who have all the tools a company needs. From setting up a clear and good-looking catalogue, to creation of a database for your company records, to optimizing your words and images to be SEO-friendly, a good agency to handle all your product data entry is your best ally. In a competitive field, making sure your product data entry is clear, concise, visible and user-friendly is crucial.

The rise of e-Commerce reflects the rise of the internet’s popularity. As the internet has crept into virtually every household and is common parlance of the 21st century, so has e-Commerce kept up in its popularity and use. As a retailer, the more you can stay on the leading edge of e-Commerce, the more you will profit from this growth. Staying attuned to the consumer and ensuring a solid system of product data entry will allow your company to ride the wave of e-Commerce confidently and successfully.

– Data Czar @ DEO

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