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Excel to XML Conversion Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers Excel to XML Conversion Services that enable businesses to expand the value of their data and applications.

Outsourcing Excel to XML conversion to DEO enables organizations to work with different formatting options that allow them to refer and share information more readily. The document conversion specialists at DEO ensure precision data conversion operations and practices so that all the data is neatly and carefully preserved during the conversion process.

DEO's conversion-based service model fits a variety of budgets, and scalable solutions grow and adapt to your company needs.


Excel to XML Conversion Service
Range from DEO

Data Entry Outsourced uses data conversion software and tools that enable us to configure and format critical data without compromising on any information during processing. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO transforms simple Excel charts and spreadsheets into versatile and varied XML files for greater organization, storage capabilities, and use on web pages. DEO divides file appearance from the content, manipulates formatting according to purpose, and ensures the data is reusable, accessible, retrievable, and available.

  • DEO corrects, identifies, and isolates redundant and irrelevant data during conversion, amending as needed. The data is also supplemented and enhanced with additional markup information to broaden its usefulness across various applications and validated by cell before conversion.

  • DEO accurately classifies the syntax and characters during the conversion process, ensuring that coding is correct throughout all characters so that syntax remains discernable.

  • customizes formatting to ensure it's usable with a business's existing software and can ensure that the converted data will fulfill specific business purposes and requirements. DEO can archive the data as well or prepare it for use across different systems and applications.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO's Excel to
XML Services

DEO is a leading Document Conversion Firm who goes above and beyond to add value to all Excel to XML conversion projects, enabling companies to benefit from clean, orderly, and useful data. Other benefits include: 

  • Reallocate Resources: Free up internal resources to focus on other tasks so that this core conversion project can be handled by experienced professionals who are adept at swiftly and correctly accomplishing Excel to XML Conversion for diverse project types.

  • Reduce Storage Requirements: Businesses can reduce the amount of storage required for voluminous Excel information by converting it to XML, which takes up less storage space and frees that space up for other data. 

  • Understandable Data: Work with data that's in a more manageable format, and ready for interpretation, without spending excess time trying to decipher coded language.

  • Standard Language: Have more freedom to share organized information with partners, vendors, clients, and suppliers worldwide with a standard data language, ensuring there's no miscommunication in the exchanging of information.

  • Convert Departmental Spreadsheets: Convert all your spreadsheets whether accounting, financing, billing, company information, customer information, and more, into XML files for easier and simpler display, presentation and knowledge retention.

  • Prepare Excel Data for Website Visibility: Businesses will be able to take advantage of their Excel data for web publishing by converting to XML, and ensure information can be displayed and stored online properly.

  • Improve Accessibility: Businesses can expand and improve data accessibility within their organization with a structured individual database, which will also help optimize information sharing and visibility.

  • Client Privacy: DEO takes all possible measures to protect the information of our clients, and offers optional NDA's, in addition to limiting access to authorized personnel, and enforcing GDPR standards for Data Protection.

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Outsource Excel to XML Conversion Services to DEO

Data Entry Outsourced features the expertise, technological resources, and agility to skillfully handle complex data conversion projects successfully, while still adhering to quality is driven, budget-friendly pricing model. Converting Excel to XML empowers businesses to streamline their administrative and business management processes with a publishable, readable, and shareable format.

Outsource Excel to XML Conversion with DEO and discover why we're a preferred global destination for businesses who need trusted and speedy conversion solutions. Contact us today and speak with one of our certified team members.