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HTML to XML Conversion Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides HTML to XML Conversion Services that turns time consuming conversion processes into a speedy, convenient, and comprehensive solution for all businesses. On outsourcing HTML to XML conversion to DEO, businesses can work with a flexible, extendable language that turns web based HTML data into an all-purpose format that can be pervasively allocated across platforms, applications, and devices.

Data Entry Outsourced helps mitigating the challenges and limitations of HTML resulting complexity of usage through accurate conversion to XML that allows language and information to be understood and commonly used. DEO endeavors to provide an effortless experience for our valued clients with an affordable, transparent, and targeted approach to HTML to XML Conversion Services.


HTML to XML Conversion Services
by Data Entry Outsourced

Using advanced conversion protocols, technologies, and software, DEO converts HTML data to the highly efficient and international standard of XML formatting. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO gathers the HTML data from the requisite sources and use statistical based algorithms and advanced API's to process the data. Acronyms contained within HTML tags, attribute values, characters and symbols, are manipulated and exchanged as needed to increase accuracy, and promote intact data during the conversion process.

  • After cleansing data for clear information, DEO addresses inconsistencies within the data and enriches the information to ensure that represented data can be displayed in a meaningful way. Duplicate or redundant characteristics, or attribute names and tags, are differentiated and coded elements are distinguished to prevent ambiguity.

  • DEO categorizes XML elements and defines syntaxes for identifying and finding data within the XML format. Data patterns within the XML attributes, such as types, content, value, and positions, are aligned to prevent fragmented information.

  • DEO takes business needs into consideration when developing a deliverable format to prevent any potential restrictions of usage. Links are added to the structure of the format for diverse applications, and a schema is designed within a database or file that ensures businesses have complete control over their XML data.

Benefits of Availing DEO's HTML to
XML Conversion Services

Businesses can take advantage of the solutions, experience, and expertise offered by an internationally recognized document conversion company, and receive the following benefits:

  • Maximize Application Usage DEO extends the customization of XML to support business applications, such as creating customized tags and metadata properties, applying a business's natural domain language, adding helpful attributes, and ensuring information is displayed in a meaningful way.

  • Attention to Metadata Content

    DEO integrates important HTML metadata in an XML format that displays, stores, and transmits information more efficiently, without loss of information.

  • Reduce Barriers in Conversion Process

    DEO eliminates challenges that impede the HTML to XML conversion process, such as manipulating data to display items, names, or definitions in a simple list or cell, and designing tags that correctly and descriptively represents the data.

  • Data Searchability

    Companies can easily conduct searches within their XML documents and files, based on a structured design by DEO's conversion specialists, to make use of their information more quickly.

  • Connecting Data Patterns

    DEO makes sure that resulting XML data is ready to exchange across applications with a data structure that utilizes a useful and suitable pattern based on varying business needs, regardless of industry.

  • Compatible Data

    Companies can use their converted XML data with a number of different programs, platforms, and applications, including displaying selected information for different web publishing and web tasks.

  • B2B and B2C Solutions

    Organizations can increase the accessibility of their information for B2B, and B2C interactions and transactions with a format that promotes and expedites EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

  • Easily Transmit Information

    Minimize the complexity involved in transmitting and sharing data by converting HTML to XML, as the information is clearly interpreted, "regardless of different applications".

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Companies worldwide depend on DEO for data conversion services that help them redefine their administrative processes and dedicate internal resources towards core tasks. DEO's adherence to ISO quality standards and unwavering commitment to quality and performance driven results provides the foundation for our Professional Document Conversion Services.

Contact DEO's professional team today for a personalized consultation, and learn more about how to increase the functionality of your information with deftly executed HTML to XML Conversion.