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Word to XML Conversion Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) presents Word to XML Conversion Services that are tailored to help businesses leverage the functionality and purpose of their Word data. Businesses will have a more adaptive format to utilize their Word-based content across online sources, gain web publishing capabilities, and have an international standard for viewing and understanding content via XML. Large volume, complex Word to XML conversion projects are completed quickly to exact business specifications.

DEO's adherence to an agile service model, commitment to quality and affordability, and targeted conversion solutions give businesses the ability to get more mileage out of their Word-based data with XML Conversion.

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Data Entry Outsourced

Text to XML Conversion Services

All elements of DEO's conversion service range are with schema, tags, and values in mind so that data is always converted accurately and with full regard to technical complexities. Services include, but are not limited to:

Word to XML Conversion

DEO converts Word data to XML using customized, advanced API's, data capture tools, and specific data conversion software. This includes considerations for any included Word extensions or inherent characteristics that factor into the conversion process.

Word to XML Classification and Coding

DEO adds properties like XML characters and text content to classify metadata during conversion to enable a robust and well-organized format. A unifying system of markup rules is defined, and contextual configuration is implemented.

Word to XML Cleansing, Enrichment, and Verification

DEO detects and directs inaccuracies, errors, and incomplete data and makes adjustments and modifications for reliable, and quality data. Fragment identifiers are located, and alternate and attribute values are referenced for precision.

Word to XML Database and Formatting

DEO models and queries the XML data to prepare it for storage or customized formatting for use on different systems, platforms, and applications. We can even develop a simple to use menu, and other features, to help businesses quickly navigate and view their content.

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Wordto XML Services

Businesses look to the document conversion experts at DEO to help them solve data conversion challenges and implement solutions, driving objectives with targeted Word to XML Conversion:

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