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Database Creation for Biological Species

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers a unique service in the form of Database Creation for Biological Species, which is tailored to support research scholars and institutions. Utilizing binomial nomenclature based approach and thorough research, DEO collects and creates images from different angles and stages, drafts annotations, and develops 360-degree videos by stitching the images together for each species.

Research firms rely on the compelling results from DEO that can enable easy and streamlined access of data contained within biological images. The biological annotations from DEO also helps in convenient retrieval of information from a database that's exclusively created for clients' specific research needs.

As an experienced data entry and data management company, DEO is positioned to provide customized Database Creation for Biological Species at a competitive cost.

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Image Search Services from DEO

DEO takes a unique approach to image search services by utilizing customized keyword filters and other cutting-edge search criteria to establish only the most relevant image search results.

Image Searching

We use customized and targeted keywords along with other search filters and tools to conduct online searches for photos and images.

Reverse Image Searching

DEO uses unique images and photos provided by the client to conduct reverse image searches in a bid to find images with distinct similarities.

Other Services

DEO offers a range of services including image keying and indexing, image conversion, image data processing, and more.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO's

Biological Annotation Solutions

Businesses can utilize a well-structured database that's enhanced with customized organizational details to augment biological data, in addition to receiving the following benefits:

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Biological Species

Database Creation Expertise from DEO

Data Entry Outsourced is positioned to provide accurate solutions in the form of our Database Creation for Biological Species, which are elevated by our proprietary data entry methodologies and experienced research team. Businesses can depend on best practices, affordable pricing models, and consistent quality at every stage of the process when they partner with the outsourcing experts at DEO.