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Database Creation
for Biological Species

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers a unique service in the form of Database Creation for Biological Species, which is tailored to support research scholars and institutions. Utilizing binomial nomenclature based approach and thorough research, DEO collects and creates images from different angles and stages, drafts annotations, and develops 360-degree videos by stitching the images together for each species.

Research firms rely on the compelling results from DEO that can enable easy and streamlined access of data contained within biological images. The biological annotations from DEO also helps in convenient retrieval of information from a database that's exclusively created for clients' specific research needs.

As an experienced data entry and data management company, DEO is positioned to provide customized Database Creation for Biological Species at a competitive cost.


DEO's All-Inclusive
Biological Database Service Range

DEO's services are curated to encompass an innovative range of options to amplify database requirements with scientifically developed organizational components for Biological data. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO collects images from appropriate sources, and creates an image based database in a format that can be quickly integrated with your business's existing systems.

  • DEO develops expressive annotations and descriptions for each species that envelops an illustrative, explanatory biological classification for organizational purposes, and simplified location and retrieval of image-based data. Methods include image keying, image indexing, and accurate image data entry processes.

  • DEO designs a 360-degree video by arranging the images of the species in an interesting sequence. We utilize an approach that includes stitching the images of the species together in a cohesive and relevant way, reflective of a company's unique target audience and objective.

  • For each of the above options, DEO offers categorization and information detailing about the following biological species:

    • DEO organizes animals according to appropriate taxonomic ranks, including Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. This is further refined by phylum, including Cnidaria, Chordata, Arthropods, Molluscs, and Echinoderms.

    • DEO organizes birds according to proper taxonomic order. This data is further refined depending on other specific categorizations per Aves (bird) species. 

    • DEO organizes plants according to both taxonomic ranks and plant systematics. This is further refined depending on other pertinent categorizations, such as spore or seed production.

    • DEO organizes vegetables according to the 11 levels of botanical classification: kingdom, division, class, subclass, order, family, genus, variety, cultivar, and strain. This is then further refined depending on other specific categorizations per vegetable species.

    • DEO organizes fruits and nuts according to the defined botanical classifications and is further supplemented by unique categorizations (simple fruit, aggregate fruit, multiple fruits, berries, accessory fruits).

    • DEO organizes Microbes by the bacterial taxonomic classification. This is further refined depending on the type, such as bacteria, archaea, fungi, protozoa, algae, and viruses.

Benefits of Utilizing
DEO's Biological Annotation Solutions

Businesses can utilize a well-structured database that's enhanced with customized organizational details to augment biological data, in addition to receiving the following benefits:

  • DEO develops unique naming conventions for the biological species images for clarity, and easy retrieval of information, including the incorporation of customized keywords with biological annotations.

  • Quickly locate information contained within images from thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of pages of material with user-friendly, highly accessible databases.

  • Projects can be scaled depending on specific needs, with the same attention to quality and detail applied towards both small and large databases.

  • DEO provides continuous service options to help businesses augment their databases with new images and material as that data becomes available to them to maintain the organizational levels of their databases.

  • Database options include the inclusion of pre-existing material provided by your business, or DEO can compile this information from scratch.

  • DEO features fast turnaround times to deliver outcomes on your business schedule, which is particularly useful for scientific, academic, and research-based industries in need of swift, accurate databases.

  • Businesses can receive high quality, beautifully rendered 360-degree videos that are developed with an educative, business, or scientific tone to ensure that your targeted audience better understands the information.

  • DEO ensures that images are enhanced and modified with different angles, stages, and life cycles to depict the complete picture of the biological specifies.

Biological Species
Database Creation Expertise from DEO

Data Entry Outsourced is positioned to provide accurate solutions in the form of our Database Creation for Biological Species, which are elevated by our proprietary data entry methodologies and experienced research team. Businesses can depend on best practices, affordable pricing models, and consistent quality at every stage of the process when they partner with the outsourcing experts at DEO.

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