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Human Gesture Annotation Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) provides robust Human Gesture Annotation Services that provides detailed descriptions for various operator gestures. Using a thoroughly examined gesture recognition process, DEO categorizes human gestures according to tracking, motion representation, motion classification, and motion synthesis, etc.

The annotations developed by DEO's research team enables companies across a wide spectrum of industries in convenient retrieval and referral of information from the variations of human gesture. Organizations especially working in machine learning, AI, automotive, virtual reality, and sign language interpretation can avail DEO's Human Gesture Annotation Services to drive their specific business objectives.


DEO's Human
Gesture Annotation Service Range

DEO's process includes assigning unique keywords and metadata both automatically and manually, which extends to defining specific regions and assigning a corresponding textual description. DEO's human gesture annotation services include:

  • DEO applies descriptive annotation that offers accurate human movement data while tracking a gesture, and can be defined by even the most subtle movement or expression. This option supports film-making, video game development, entertainment, medical, and animation objectives.

  • DEO provides sports-based annotations for athletic and fitness gestures that help to detail the behavioral components of the movement for accurate classification and can be fitted into a sports framework. This is particularly useful for training, education, medical, and physical therapy.

  • DEO assigns precise descriptive text and annotation to define a spectrum of diverse emotional states and facial expressions. This includes static facial expressions which can be utilized by the industries in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Smartphone development, VR, and entertainment sectors.

  • DEO provides sophisticated annotations for sign language gestures using a sign-language recognition and translation framework. Combined with the linguistic interpretation of gestures and examination of sign language data, DEO provides accurate descriptions ideal for academic and educational usage.

  • DEO provides personalized motion annotation that encompasses a wide vocabulary of movements, both basic and ornate. This includes descriptions for gesture segments of continuous motion sequences which is useful for game development, entertainment, smartphone sectors, and IT-driven industries.

  • DEO offers annotation schemes developed specifically for conversational gestures, which comprises simple interpretations of human body language. This can be an ideal information bank for research and academic industries, as well as gaming and entertainment purposes.

Benefits of Utilizing
DEO's Gesture Recognition Solutions

Businesses can enjoy targeted solutions that are adapted to meet the requirements of various industries, as well as receiving the following benefits:

  • Businesses in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence sectors can utilize precise gesture recognition annotations as per their requirement to develop technologies for smart devices that learn based on the actions, behaviors, and gestures of human operators.

  • Smartphone technology developers can better compile accurate human gesture based information to evolve smartphone-related technology like facial recognition, including applications across smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen technology from computers.

  • Game developers can build more authentic, believable character gestures based on detailed annotation, for applications in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the gaming industry as a whole. 

  • DEO cross-validates the annotation to ensure that the classified data is consistent and the gesture that has been categorized correctly to adhere to pre-defined human behaviors and motion sequences.

  • Receive customizable indexing organized by specified criteria to help your company in building an easily accessible and retrievable database of Human Gestures. 

  • Sports, fitness, dance, medical, and physical therapy industries can utilize DEO's Human Gesture Annotation as an effective teaching and training aid, and to develop human motion sequences to communicate storylines and emotions and sports plays.

  • Receive highly detailed descriptive annotations for applications in Sign Language Interpretation and the development of new Sign Language Communication technologies.

  • Receive extremely precise annotations from DEO, who utilizes identified building blocks of human movement to assign proper annotations to various movement classes in an intuitive and meticulous annotation process.

Trailblazing Human
Gesture Annotation Services from DEO

As the manufacturing, scientific research, and many other industries are investing heavily in AI; businesses can rely on the pioneering human gesture annotation services from the industry leaders at Data Entry Outsourced. With a range of Gesture Recognition Services that embrace simplistic identification and customized descriptive elements, organizations can take the benefit of our annotations in many possible ways driving their specific business goals.

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