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Image Keying and Indexing Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers a highly effective way to organize image-based content via our exclusive range of Image Keying and Indexing Services. Large quantities of image data are easily retrieved and utilized due to an image merging process that enables instant accessibility and better manageability.

Businesses can integrate new image files into current databases, or better organize their existing image files with these unique solutions from DEO. Filtering information contained within images is simplified as a result of this organizational service.

DEO applies unique key tags to each image to optimize identification and better classify multi-image file formats with affordable Image Keying and Indexing Services.


DEO's Specialized Range of
Image Keying and Indexing Services

DEO provides a highly specialized, flexible range of services that are designed to meticulously organize images for accurate, customized image data management:

  • DEO combines two images, assigning specific information or a key for categorization and identification purposes. This information is then connected to an image pixel, validated, and converted to a suitable format depending on your business's needs and organizational objectives.

  • DEO helps organize and maintain your image files for swift facilitation of working with your business's image data. Completed images can also be imported to a database of your business's choosing.

  • DEO can support multiple image file formats, such as JPEG, TIF, PNG, and GIF during the image merging process.

Benefits of Utilizing
DEO's Image Indexing Solutions

DEO's Image Tagging and Indexing Services enable companies to benefit from the numerous solutions that well-organized, streamlined image-based information provides:

  • Search by specific keywords based on any number of useful parameters and search words for instantaneous retrieval of important image-based information.

  • Scalable options ensure that your unique image content can grow with your business needs while still maintaining a well-organized format.

  • Eliminate the time it takes to search through your images for the information you need with Image Tagging and Indexing Services that organize your image data down to the most descriptive elements.

  • Effortlessly sort your images based upon a variety of categories, whether its color, size, year, content and more, to reference specific information more quickly and easily.

  • DEO treats client data with the utmost attention to security and adheres to a strict guideline of best practices regarding all aspects of image-based content. We offer NDA's for client's peace of mind, in addition to following ISO quality standards.

  • Dedicate more time and resources to other business process and operations by having reliable experts and data entry professionals manage your Image Tagging and Indexing objectives.

  • Ensure your image content is organized with the latest digital software, tools, and technologies available to augment the Image Keying and Indexing process.

  • Have a dedicated team available to assist your business with your Image Keying and Indexing Services, whether you have any questions, need further support, or advice.

Start Utilizing Well-
Organized Images with DEO Today

Companies looking for quick, economical, and reliable Image Keying and Indexing Services can count on the professionals at Data Entry Outsourced. By combining automated data management processes with DEO's licensed data entry specialists, companies can use their image files exactly as they require.

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