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In this ever-evolving e-commerce market, the easy and hassle-free shopping experience is the key to retaining customers. With this thought, Data Entry Outsourced has brought its product annotation and tagging service for organizations in the Fashion, Automobile, Sports, and Retail Industry to optimize their online portals for an enhanced shopping experience.

With DEO's bounding-box and annotations, online sellers will be able to maintain an efficiently searchable product database so that their customers can check all the product information with just a simple mouse-over and can also easily navigate through products. Our image tagging and annotation service will also make things easy for scientific research organizations and companies maintaining pictorial databases for record keeping or data analysis. Also, the tagging service can help government organizations and advertising agencies wanting to create region-wise maps, tracking systems, and guides with geo-tagging.

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Image Annotation and
Tagging Services Offered by DEO

An exclusive new range of Image Annotation and Tagging Services has been designed by DEO, intended to address all the image classification and geo-tagging needs of diverse industries. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Tagging and Annotation Service

Includes the application of specific, pertinent captioning and keywords to classify images. Terminology can be specified by the client for completely customizable Tagging and Annotation.

Bounding Box and Annotation Service

Recognize and detect pictorial content such as objects, product features, and other specific elements contained within images for simplified identification and retrieval.

Human Gesture Annotation

Detailed annotations for human gestures in the form of motion representation, classification, and tracking to be used as an information bank for AI and machine-learning driven industries.

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Image Annotation and Tagging Solutions

Ensure that your company can receive the numerous advantages of Image Annotation and Tagging by utilizing DEO's industry-tested solutions:

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