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Offline / Online Image Storage and Retrieval

Our team of professional technicians at Date Entry Outsourced specializes in various aspects of Data Entry, including offline and online image storage and retrieval. Image storage and retrieval is an important part of your business, especially with the plentiful amount of invoices your company is bound to receive on a daily basis.


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Our Image Storage and
Retrieval Services

Whether its offline or online image storage and retrieval, our team at Data Entry Outsourced is proficient in doing both. We'll take the pile of invoices you get from your clients and organize them in a professional manner as you see fit. When we receive them, we'll extract key information, such as date of invoice, payment due dates, amount and more. When online, this information will be accessible from anywhere across the globe. In offline image storage and retrieval, the DMS is standalone, and the software is installed into local systems/ local intranet. From there, our technicians will archive the invoices into a backend document management system for your convenience.

General Storage/Retrieval Services

  • Online and offline image storage/ retrieval
  • Organization of clients´ invoices
  • Sifting key information from invoices
  • Archiving invoices in management system
Why Outsource to DEO

Why Outsource to DEO?

A company will have many clients, meaning that there will be many invoices to organize and store for those clients, and you don't always have the time to give a task like this your full attention. Outsourcing services like image storage and retrieval to a company with an exceptional reputation, as is the case with Date Entry Outsourced, will greatly help your company work in a more efficient manner. Our expert date entry specialists will take care of your information with haste and certified skills.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Work with the global leader of online data entry
  • Ensure that your work will be done by certified data entry professionals
  • Quick turnaround time without sacrificing quality
  • Affordable prices to suit your budget
Service Quality Features

Our Service Quality Features

Working with Data Entry Outsourced, you will be getting aide from professionally trained and certified data entry technicians who can handle and organize your information with the best care possible. We respect your privacy and the privacy of your clients, and so we use the latest technology to protect all of the information you relay to use. In addition, we take the time to build a true relationship with everyone we work with, because we believe in strong bonds being one of the keys to success.

  • Exact organization to pull up information quickly
  • Protection of all invoices/information
  • Adherence to your company's preferences
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