Popular Data Entry Software Applications and How to Choose the Best One for Your Business

Popular Data Entry Software Applications and How to Choose the Best One for Your Business

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It is common knowledge that utilizing modern, cutting edge software programs can help any business run smoothly, stay effective, and compete with similar companies. Current market demands require fast, affordable, and convenient tools, and a business that fails to utilize these devices is setting themselves up for struggle and eventual failure. With so many data entry software programs available, it can be confusing to sort through and choose the best program for your unique business concerns. Additionally, different companies may require a specific type or model of data entry software program that best adheres to the way they manage their particular information. Knowing what makes a data entry software program successful, which are the most popular and why, and which are best for your business can be a great advantage for any company looking to institute a data entry service.

How to Choose the Right Data Entry Software Program for Your Business

The variety of available software programs is vast, and there are many options to suit a variety of unique needs. Successful data entry software programs appeal to the specialized needs of businesses. While standard programs like Microsoft Excel are popular because of the spreadsheet style formatting and user-friendly layouts, they are rather simplistic and are not able to handle diverse formatting and a variety of informational requirements. However, there are numerous programs available that are equipped to manage the most difficult or specialized of data entry related needs. In order to be a helpful and valuable tool for a business, a data entry software program must be relevant to a company’s data managing and organizational needs.

For example, some programs are great for mobile applications like tablets and smartphones, and others are good for online and offline management. Some data entry software programs are cloud-based, some are good for converting documents, and others have advanced duplicate technology. A company must first understand what their data management needs are, and then decide which software program is best equipped to manage that type of information. A business who handles the majority of their clients and files remotely might find that a data entry software program that utilizes cloud-based technology and a mobile app capability is the best option for their business style. This enables a business to have access to important information, documents, client details, and files while traveling. As more businesses are focused on international growth, mobile apps are becoming extremely popular and can be the perfect choice for a company that must travel often, or that has international offices.

Similarly, a business that has large batches of files that need to be transferred from one medium to another might look to a data entry software program that focuses on converting documents or one that can input large quantities of data quickly. Companies like medical offices or hospitals that rely on both paper files and computer files might find this type of program particularly useful, and wouldn’t necessarily look to one that specializes in mobile or cloud technologies. Understanding how your company manages data can help you to determine what style of data software can best serve your needs.

Some Popular Data Entry Software Programs

The sheer number of data entry software programs is astonishing, and it can be hard to weed out the bad from the good. While the idea of a “good” software program is relative, there are certainly some data entry software programs that rise above the rest. These particular programs have wide appeal for a reason, mainly because they can offer the most benefits for a diverse range of companies, not just niche business models. Accurate, efficient, complex data entry input is a common requirement across the board, and there are a few programs that are recognized as the most popular of their kind.

  • Viking Software Solutions is a popular option for image-based data input, and scanning large, complex documents. They boast an easy to use interface, and can handle large batches of data.
  • iUgum Data Software is a good option for merging data, as well as matching or managing lists. This style of software can handle diverse data platforms such as paper conversion into software. This style of data entry software is popular with companies that don’t have specialized data entry clerks on staff, and want streamlined, user-friendly software.
  • goCanvas is a popular choice for businesses that look to cloud-based and mobile app services. They offer specialized apps for unique business genres such as construction, retail, or healthcare, and this focused approach to data entry can be a good choice for companies that are looking for genre specific data management.
  • Lexmark is a popular U.K. based company that specializes in software that can scan and transfer large quantities of documents, and interpret handwritten information. This type of data entry software program is a good option for financial companies or medical businesses due to the ability to quickly and accurately translate handwritten documents.

These are only a few of the popular data entry software programs available on the market today, and there is no limit to the type of specialization they can offer. Yet a business must also consider the expense, time, personnel they are willing to assign to data management, and the amount of data that requires handling, and decide if outsourcing is a better option. Outsourcing to data management agencies can be a great option because these companies offer almost every type of specialized, unique data entry software programs, and can be an efficient option for a business looking to focus attention elsewhere and leave data management to experts.


A business should not be limited to only one or two options when it comes to managing their data entry. Focusing on the most important aspect of their data management needs can help whittle down the software requirement that might best handle their unique informational type. With all the available software programs, there is something to suit any genre of business, be it a retail based company in the United States or a financial firm in the United Kingdom. With the right data entry software program, your business can enjoy a successful and organized approach to data management.

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