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Zero-defect CRM Data Entry for the Prestigious Cypriot Consulting Firm

Our Client – A Cypriot Business Consulting Firm

The client is a business consulting company based in Cyprus. With a highly qualified team of professionals having expertise in market research, business consulting, analytics, etc. the client helps their customers to approach their target audience innovatively. With an aim to connect manufacturers and distributors with their consumers, the client has always suggested out-of-the-box solutions to achieve great results. Providing simple but accurate solutions backed by innovative technologies is what the client is good at.

Cypriot Business Consulting Firm

The Requirement to Enter Invoice Data into Secure CRM Database Accurately

The client came to know about Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) through our website. After learning about the vast range of data entry and data processing services, the client decided to partner for a CRM data entry project. They have a huge database which gets filled by invoices and bills every day. As those invoices were in image or PDF form, the client wanted our help to extract the data from those invoices and enter them into their CRM for reference and analysis.

High Volume of Work and Knowledge of Foreign Language Were the Challenges

Though the project seemed to be simple at the beginning with extracting information and entering into the CRM, there were some unconventional challenges to deal with. The first and foremost challenge was to read and interpret invoices in the Greek language for which DEO had to form a team of data entry experts with proficiency in the Greek language.

Another challenge was to deal with the high volume in a short duration. As the client’s database gets new entries of invoices every day, they wanted our team to clear the entries on a daily basis for which we had to scale up the team.

CRM Data Entry Process Followed by DEO’s Specialists

With a specific instruction from the client to avoid even a single mistake in entering the data, our CRM data entry team planned a stepwise process to ensure accuracy. The process outline followed for this project was as follows:

  • DEO’s management team has a couple of more rounds of discussion to understand the client’s objectives and requirements to deliver with the required quality.
  • Our data entry team with Greek language proficiency was trained with the process to follow a quick checklist at every step to avoid any mistake in the first place.
  • The team then started extracting the data from the invoices and bills saved onto the client’s database.
  • The information extracted from those invoices were entered into the specified fields into the client’s CRM as instructed by them.
  • The client was informed about the completion of each milestone.

Project Takeaways – Accuracy and 60% Cost Saving Were the Key Advantages

The project, in fact, required DEO’s involvement in providing two major data entry services – invoice data entry and CRM data entry. The client was also highly satisfied with not only the huge cost saving they made out of partnering with Data Entry Outsourced but the quality of deliverables and our proactive communication. If you have a similar data entry project, don’t worry about the cost; avail our free consultation, and we will ensure to assist you at the best price.

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