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Data Validation and CRM Data Entry for Leading Financial Institution in North America

The Client – A Top Financial Institution with Over 100 Employees

The client is a major player in the financial industry, specializing in investment research, relations, networking, and offering financial consultation services. They are located in three major locations – North America, Europe, and Asia. The heart of their mission is found in their world-renowned equity research platform and their multi-sector expertise.

They publish research that is highly popular around the world with top investors, advisors, and shareholders. Their core platform is designed around setting apart their services, offering unique perspectives into investor relations and strategic consultation. With over 100 people employed around the world, they are able to publish 2500 reports every year!

Requirements for This Unique Data Validation and CRM Data Entry Project

Due to the volume of data that the client receives on a consistent basis, their database started to get cluttered and disorganized, compromising the integrity of their data. So, they needed an outsourcing partner to come in and validate their massive database. After searching the internet, the came across the Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) website and contacted us.

  • The client required that their database be cleaned and ensure that the information is organized in a consistent format.
  • Data validation is an extremely important service for this client since so many people depend on their finding being accurate.
  • All data was required to be managed based on their unique set of instructions.

Unique Challenges Faced by DEO

As expected from a financial institution, the data was quite complicated and some of its validation required judgment from our teams to maintain accuracy. While most of the project was based on specific instructions, some data had to be validated apart from these instructions. Fortunately, our team of experts has a lot of experience so we were able to meet this challenge.

DEO Formulated a Unique Step-by-Step Plan of Action to Ensure Accurate Data Validation

This project had to be completed efficiently and accurately to we needed a plan of action in order to streamline the process. That was important due to the complex nature of the data.

  1. DEO discussed the project requirements with the client and then formed this plan of action, which they approved before we started.
  2. Once we understood the requirements, we formed a team of three data entry specialists for this data validation and CRM data entry project.
  3. We were given access to the client’s Salesforce CRM along with a unique set of instructions.
  4. Our team began working on the data validation process following the instructions provided. We ensured that data was entered into the correct fields and that everything was in order.
  5. Any data that was cleansed was placed in a separate sheet with a comment attached to it. That way, the client had a way to verify that the cleansing was done correctly.
  6. This project is continuous, so we are always working for ways to create a more efficient process.

This Project Came with a Lot of Amazing Benefits for Both Parties

The client saved 60% in overhead costs by choosing DEO as an outsourcing partner. In addition, delegating this important task allowed them to keep their in-house teams focused on growth-oriented tasks. DEO also got the benefit of gaining experience in using the Salesforce software.

The client was happy with our services and has chosen to keep us on-board to continuing insuring the integrity of their database.

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