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Case Study: A Leading e-Publication Company in Italy


Our client was:

  • A leading e-publication company dealing in mobile and tablet publications
  • Based in Italy
  • Looking for an offshore partner to handle one of their leading weekly publications


The challenges facing us were:

  • To meet the expectations of the client, who sought high quality and fast turnaround time for their e-publications and had a long-term plan of transferring more work to their offshore partner
  • To offer customized data conversion services for e-Pub compatible readers such as the iPad, iPod, Amazon Kindle, Calibre, etc.
  • To process files received in PDF format and then convert them to xHTML format


The steps we took to address the challenges were:

  • Recruiting an experienced e-Pub specialist with sound knowledge of mobile and tablet publishing
  • Performing a trial run to ensure the client was happy with the output
  • Working tirelessly to meet the client's tight schedule, with 8-hour turnaround time for the weekly job
  • Recruiting and training 3 resources to handle the strict requirements of the customer
  • Adhering to the client's feedback on coding and meeting his expectations
  • Using Adobe Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, MobiPocket and Stanza to create customized solutions for the client


Our actions resulted in:

  • Huge cost savings for the client: The project cost for the client turned out to be about $1000 per month, which was at least 50% less than what it would have been if the same work was done in Italy.
  • Quick turnaround time: We worked hard to ensure fast turnaround of the weekly publication and delivering it within the 5 hour turnaround time required by the client.
  • High-quality work: The client was very happy and satisfied with our deliverables and output, without any quality issues. This resulted in the client awarding us another ongoing project.
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