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Case Study: A Leading Soil Survey Company In The Middle East


Our client was:

  • An Australian company (a global leader in the field of soil survey analysis) operating in the Middle East.
  • In need of an offshore partner that would handle data entry of soil survey sheets for a six-month period.
  • Impressed with the quality of our work and our commitment (they had previously outsourced a small data entry project to us).
global leader in the field of soil survey analysis


The challenges facing us were:

  • To develop an exclusive SQL database (similar to the client's)
  • To design a front-end data entry tool with 40 fields, similar to the physical copy of the soil survey
  • To create an automated SQL database on the back-end, where the front-end entries are automatically merged with the customer's SQL database
  • To live up to the client's expectations (they were aware of our expertise in developing systems and solutions for similar projects)


The steps we took to address the challenges were:

  • Development of an SQL database mirroring the customer's database
  • Creation of a dedicated customer FTP system for file transfer
  • Seamless transfer of front-end data entry output via FTP along with our SQL database to the client
  • Merging of data output at the customer's end (having twice struggled to do so earlier)


Our actions resulted in:

  • Huge cost savings for the client—creating the SQL database as per the customer's requirements was indeed a costly affair, but we did not charge anything extra for software development
  • Running the project in auto mode once the transfer and merging bugs were sorted out
  • Completion of the project in six months, with daily turnaround of soil survey data entry output
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