Cloud & Colocation Solutions Provider Achieves 30% Revenue Growth with DEO’s Purchase Order Processing Support


A leading provider of compliant hosting, data protection, and colocation services partnered with Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) for purchase order processing support. They struggled with a mounting backlog of orders due to a lack of relevant in-house resources and urgently needed a purchasing specialist.

Data Entry Outsourced's strategic approach involved sourcing an ideal candidate based on the client's job description and training them on the client's software. The result improved the client's overall revenue and profitability by over 30%.

  • Client Struggles with a Lack of In-House Expertise and Order Processing Bottlenecks.
  • DEO offers Efficient Purchase Order Processing Support with a Purchasing Specialist
  • 99% Accuracy of Deliverables, 30% Revenue Growth with Fast TAT

The Client- Innovative Leader in Cloud and Colocation Services

The client is a US-based renowned provider of compliant hosting, data protection, and colocation services. They are at the forefront of developing IT solutions to propel businesses forward over the next decade. Leveraging a blend of shared and private/dedicated platforms, the client offers businesses options to streamline operations, improve reliability, and reduce costs.

The client faced workflow bottlenecks due to a lack of in-house expertise and a high volume of project inflow.

DEO’s rich expertise in data processing was a significant factor that made us the perfect choice for outsourcing purchase order processing services.

Business Challenges Faced By The Client

The client faced a challenge in finding a suitable candidate in-house. A significant backlog and an impending deadline exacerbated the need for a quick hire.

The client needed a Purchasing Specialist to manage Purchase Orders (P/Os) and delivery. They required a dedicated resource with a general background in purchasing responsibilities and providing courteous and professional support to all internal departments, employees, and vendors.

The client sought a candidate with more than two years of purchasing experience and a preference for experience with the Coupa Software & Cherwell and ServiceNow - for their ticketing system.

Why The Client Chose Data Entry Outsourced

DEO's extensive experience and proven expertise in handling similar projects instilled confidence in the client. The ability to source candidates with specific skill sets and facilitate their seamless integration into the client's operations set DEO apart.

DEO's ability to deliver customized solutions, adherence to data security, and history of successful project execution convinced the client to entrust DEO with this critical assignment.

Project Workflow

Despite the challenges our team faced related to getting acquainted with the client platform, DEO proceeded with the project execution in a stepwise workflow, ensuring on-time delivery and efficiency. The steps involved in the project execution include:

  • DEO's team analyzed the client's job description to understand the specific needs for the Purchasing Specialist role.
  • Leveraging the job description, DEO allocated a dedicated resource matching the client's requirement with over two years of purchasing experience.
  • DEO's purchasing specialist then received training on the client's software, including Coupa Software & Cherwell, and ServiceNow.
  • The trained resource then worked on the project, helping the client enhance their process efficiency, delivering 99% accuracy with a turnaround time of less than 24 hours.
  • Throughout the entire process, the team ensured strict adherence to all DEO Data Security protocols to safeguard the client's data.


The client improved the overall revenue and profitability by over 30% and delivered 99% accuracy with a class-leading 24-hour turnaround time on purchase orders and tickets.

Data Entry Outsourced's order data processing support significantly impacted the clients' operations, helping them overcome process bottlenecks and enhance efficiency.

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