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The client is a Canada-based data-driven deal management software company trusted by some of the largest real estate investors in the world and manages $1 trillion in AUM.

Global Market Leader in Instrumentation

  • The client was looking for 10 to 25 full-time resources for repetitive tasks of a vast database of dental 3D.
  • They had to align 3D patient data to a virtual model in the client’s web-based software and match virtual teeth to patient teeth in a scan.
  • This required resource personnel to have relevant working knowledge in the field of Dentistry
  • The client had a specific expectation for the entire project to be completed with a quick turnaround time of one month

The Client

The client is an oral radiology practice and digital dental lab which provides cone beam computed tomography (CT) scanning services, custom surgical guide fabrication, and image interpretations. They also provide radiographic reporting for imaging facilities and dental offices throughout Canada.

The Problem

In 2022, the client announced the launch of a new web-based platform allowing patients to access their dental records and images online. The company needed to align around 5000 3D patient data to a virtual model in the web-based software and match virtual teeth to patient teeth in a scan.

However, the client did not have the manpower in-house nor the bandwidth to accomplish these tasks, which required time and accuracy. Their vast database with limited resources was getting to be difficult. They were running short of time before the launch of their new platform. The company realized they needed to hire people at the earliest who could get trained quickly and start organizing the patients’ data into their system. They decided to hire in-house full-time resources for these tasks.

The Challenges

The client began by hiring new resource personnel to commence the annotation task. However, they realized it was a difficult proposition within a few days. Identifying the right candidate with the requisite skillset, followed by a prolonged training process, was beginning to take a toll on them. The leadership team felt it would be a good idea to outsource this entire process to an experienced company.

They started searching online for an accomplished partner company that could smoothly and completely take over the above-mentioned tasks within their budget. The client contacted Data Entry Outsourced, a data management company specializing in dental 3D data. Following the initial discussions, they were satisfied with DEO’s work experience, attention to detail with quick turnover time.

The Solution

The client shared documents related to their tasks and software training materials. We hired a dental surgeon who the client first trained according to their requirement and expectations.

We assembled a team of 20 experienced annotators quickly, and the dental surgeon took up the task of training these personnel in three days. Once the team was thoroughly trained, they were able to align the 3D patient data to the virtual model and match the virtual teeth to the patient teeth in a scan.

The Outcomes

The client was satisfied with DEO’s accurate annotation services, which had 99 percent accuracy and a class-leading 24-hour turnaround time. They were able to launch their new web-based platform on time and within the specified budget, thanks to our help.

Outsourcing the annotation services to DEO also helped

  • Improve revenue and profitability by over 30 percent.
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity of employees who could focus on bigger tasks.
  • Provide overall high quality of services to the end customer.

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