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American Marketing Company Outsourced Data Entry Project with DEO and Received 800,000 Keystrokes per Day

Client Profile

The client is a marketing company based in the United States that provides innovative industry solutions for their clientele. The client made a name within the industry as the inventor of the first mapping solution for marketers, in addition to being a full-fledged service provider of multi-channel marketing communications powered by leading technology and robust data insights. Their unique approach to marketing extends to helping leading American brands and fundraisers, representing all possible industry sectors, maximize their marketing ROI, and effectively execute fundraising and marketing strategies.

Challenges Faced by DEO

Client Requirements

With a time-critical project to complete, the client wanted to partner with an outsourcing agency that could key donation amounts and correct any key code errors on an ongoing basis. Due to the high volume, the client required an agency with the ability to handle 800,000 keystrokes per day, six days per week, with potential to accommodate a growth of up to two million keystrokes per day. The outsourcing agency would be required to access a proprietary system based on a server in the United States, where keystrokes would be monitored through the client's system and reported daily.

The client learned of Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) and our proficiency in handling large scale projects effectively, and after contacting the sales team they decided to assign this project to DEO for the following reasons:

  • Ability to manage large volumes of Data Entry work on an ongoing basis while still maintaining accuracy.
  • Capacity to meet and scale up the required keystrokes over the course of the project.
  • Ability to adhere to the client's budget, and meet expected quality control benchmarks.

Challenges Faced by DEO

A project of this volume presented a few key challenges for the DEO team:

  • An ongoing, long term project required the commitment of a significant number of devoted resources from DEO.
  • The client requested a pricing quote based on a per keystroke basis, which required DEO to develop a complex pricing model.
  • The sheer quantity of the work was an ongoing challenge for the DEO team.

Customized Approach to this Project

The DEO team had to develop a proactive, customized approach to this project to ensure ongoing success:

  • DEO initiated a consultation with the client to discuss the project particulars and gain a better understanding of specific requirements and the volume of the workload.
  • Ten experienced resources were assigned to work exclusively on this long term project.
  • The client received timely reports from DEO as to weekly benchmarks for the project to maintain an open line of communication.

Exceptional Steps Taken by DEO to Meet the Client's Requirements

DEO wanted to ensure that this project would be a seamless experience for the client, and could be efficiently managed by the DEO team. Therefore, the following exceptional steps were taken:

  • The dedicated resources assigned to the project possessed excellent typing skills and keystroke speed and had prior experience in similar large volume projects.
  • DEO took extra measures to accommodate the client's scheduling needs for this assignment and worked on the project six days per week, Monday through Saturday.

The Results

This challenging, large volume project was effectively handled by the team at DEO, and the project outcomes were as follows:

  • Extremely satisfied with the approach and in-time project delivery, the client signed few more similar projects with DEO.
  • The client's expectations were met in regards to cost-efficiency and the number of keystrokes completed per day.
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