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US Equestrian Supplier could Cater Its Offerings in Much Effective Way with DEO'S Ecommerce Data Entry

The Client

The client is a US-based supplier of horse stables and niche equestrian products for the highly specialized clientele of both professional horse trainers and riding instructors, and amateur horse owners and riding enthusiasts. They also offer niche equestrian products such as equine related riding gear, apparel, and accessories. Planning to list the products in an effective format for marketing campaigns and accompanying research for elevated industry insights, the client wanted a partner who could assist them in expanding the customer reach.

US Equestrian Supplier

Client Requirements

Referencing to five competitors' marketing and branding campaigns, the client wanted to emulate and adapt their website to feature similar products. The client consulted with Data Entry Outsourced (DEO), seeking thorough research on their top five competitors, in addition to global leaders in their industry, and the buying pattern of end-customers. The research would provide insight into how to attractively list equine related products online, via photographs, videos, or animated photographs, for example. Also, it would help the client determine the ideal method to write product descriptions for their wares, and quote the best price within market parameters.

The client decided to partner with DEO because they wanted an experienced outsourcing partner with data entry specialization, as well as the following skills:

  • Ability to complete the data entry tasks in an intelligent and intuitive manner, in part by effectively visualizing the requirements.
  • Additionally, suggest modifications as needed over the course of the project, particularly about market trends.
  • Provide value-add during the data entry tasks that would be beneficial for the client from a marketing perspective.
  • Be communicative throughout the entirety of the venture to ensure the client remained informed on the project status.

Challenges Faced by Data Entry Outsourced

While DEO worked to complete this equestrian based research project, the team faced the following challenges:

  • Frequent requests for modifications from the client halted DEO's research operations, as the client's marketing team was experimenting with different strategies depending on their competitor's moves. 
  • These modification requests resulted in numerous plan changes regarding the priority level of the client's products that needed to be completed first.
  • The client's busy schedule caused a delay in the project's approval process. Thus DEO's input regarding market research, product presentation and pricing suggestions, and other recommendations based on customer buying behavior took longer to communicate and complete.

Solutions Provided by Data Entry Outsourced

To efficiently overcome the challenges during the project, the DEO team took the following measures:

  • DEO assigned two dedicated resources to handle the account.
  • After the initial email communications, several suggestions were discussed and finalized via an online call to ensure thorough project transparency.
  •  The DEO team strategically divided the project with one resource diligently mapping out the project deadlines, while another interacted with the client on change requests, suggestions, follow-ups and approvals on particular project segments.
  • A customized schedule was created to keep project milestones on track in keeping with the client's preferred deadline.
  • The assignment was completed on time within three months.

Exceptional Steps Taken by DEO to Complete this Project

DEO applied its experience and exposure to such multi-level project iterations and client queries about project specifics. Building upon this foundation, the DEO team decided to adopt a multi-tasking approach to this assignment and split the entire project into manageable sections. This enabled us to complete the project on schedule while we awaited client responses.

Service Highlights and Results

DEO was able to complete this project to the client's exact specifications despite a short deadline and complex requirements. The results are as follows:

  • In the words of the client, they had one of the best project outsourcing experiences as what was initially thought to be a simple data entry task, was actually turned out to be a complicated market research project.  
  • DEO was able to provide the client with actionable insights, and a new approach backed by market statistics to present their equestrian supplies and products in the most efficient and appealing manner.
  • The client enjoyed a gradual increase in website traffic and requested to partner with DEO on future projects.
  • The project was a unique, customized assignment for DEO where the team was able to utilize its skills and expertise to transform the customer's data into a professional marketing strategy and campaign.
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