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DEO Provided 5,00k Menu Data Entry in 30 Days with 99 Percent Accuracy

Client Profile – Technology Firm

Based in Bangalore, India, the client provides on-demand delivery for clients via a high profile online site. Featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, and more, the client's unique website allows customers to connect to local stores and receive products delivered to them quickly and easily. With experience in the foodservice industry, the client wanted to upload the restaurant menu items online to be featured as part of the delivery services on the website.

Menu Data Entry

Menu Data Entry Requirements

The client needed 500,000 menu items representing different restaurants across Bangalore accurately entered and uploaded in under 30 days. They required a reputable data entry outsourcing partner with experience managing large scale projects.

After learning of Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) online, the client requested a consultation with the sales team, and decided to partner with DEO due to the following:

  • Demonstrated excellence in automated data entry methodologies, and state of the art facility with robust security policies.
  • Prior exposure to the foodservice industry to augment menu and food item terminologies, and streamline the data entry process.
  • Ability to meet the client's extremely tight deadline of 30 days for all menu items.

Challenges Faced by DEO

The DEO team was presented with a few challenges during this demanding, large-scale menu data entry project:

  • The extremely time-consuming nature of precisely entering so many different menu items, complete with corresponding prices, food descriptions, and other details, was difficult considering the client's short deadline.
  • The sheer volume of successfully managing over 500,000 menu entries was challenging to deal with while ensuring the client's requirements for various items were met.
  • Maintaining accuracy throughout the data entry procedure across all 500,000 menu items was another strain on time, and required the assistance of the Quality Assurance team.

DEO's Customized Approach to This Project

DEO implemented a tailored approach to the assignment that utilized the skill sets of the data entry team, along with an efficient methodology:

  • An online meeting with the client took place before designing a plan for the project so that all assignment details could be thoroughly discussed.
  • DEO assembled a team of 25 highly trained and experienced data entry specialists, including a project supervisor to oversee the project and coordinate with the client when needed.
  • The team searched for the Bangalore based restaurants that featured online menus, in addition to locating alternative platforms to obtain the menu options.
  • The database was created and categorized according to food style and popular menu labeling mandates to better organize the data entry tables with accurate menu items.
  • Quality control conducted a check on all items before final entries into the database to ensure total accuracy.
  • The menu items were delivered to the client in Excel spreadsheet format, and the client then imported the items into their in-house system.

60% Cost Saving for the Client

Through effective distribution of time and resources, DEO was able to complete this food service based project successfully, and deliver the following results:

  • The client enjoyed 60% savings by utilizing DEO's services rather than employing internal resources towards the task.
  • As DEO managed to complete the project with over 99.0% accuracy, the client extended a personal thank you and expressed their pleasure at the quality level.
  • DEO was able to showcase the skills in handling large volume assignments.
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