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Travel Guide Based in the Netherlands Outsourced with DEO for Efficient Travel Management Data Entry Project

Client Profile

The client is a Travel Company based in the Netherlands operating in eleven countries and currently in the midst of expanding their presence to additional countries. As an online travel guide and coordinator, the client provides leisure packages for travelers in Europe and wanted to create a more immersive, organized, and cohesive experience on their online site.

Travel Guide Based in the Netherlands case study

Client Requirements

The client wanted to include allocations for their services, which would require the support of an experienced and dependable data entry outsourcing firm. After a detailed discussion with the business development managers at Data Entry Outsourced (DEO), the client decided to outsource their entire back office work of uploading service allocations to DEO due to the following:

  • Ability to provide affordable services that would accommodate the client's strict budget, in addition to meeting a brief deadline.
  • Ability to provide experienced, quick resources that could manage the task efficiently and accurately.
  • Possess experience in the travel industry so that terminologies and context were quickly understood.
  • Provide open and frequent communication with the client throughout the course of the project.

Challenges Faced by DEO

This complex assignment posed some unique challenges for the DEO team:

  • The project requirements were quite complex and detailed and demanded a very high level of expertise and attention from the DEO team.
  • DEO had to ensure that the client's tight deadline could be met without sacrificing quality or accuracy.
  • The client frequently changed requests that required quick modifications from DEO, which presented additional time constraints.
  • There were some initial issues with proposal validation and approval that had to be accommodated before beginning the assignment.
  • Though DEO had prior experience in the travel industry and geography, supplemental knowledge had to be gained to overcome project challenges better.

Customized Approach to this Project

The DEO team wanted to ensure this complicated travel data entry project could be handled successfully, so a customized approach was developed and executed:

  • DEO organized an initial consultation with the client to define project parameters and ensure that the specific requirements were clearly understood.
  • Four dedicated resources were assigned to work exclusively on this assignment, each of which had extensive prior exposure to the travel industry.
  • The dedicated resources participated in weekly training and completed samples on all possible categories of the allocations to determine the best approach.
  • DEO wanted to ensure that benchmarks could be exceeded. Thus a target was set to achieve at least 95% quality during the on the job training.
  • The client was provided with frequent feedback to simplify the process and ensure a better turnaround and successfully meet all deadlines.
  • DEO's team was able to complete the allocations on time.

The Results

This complex travel data entry project was an all-around success, and the following result occurred:

  • The 95% target quality goal was exceeded, and the client was impressed with the adherence to accuracy and timeliness.
  • This ongoing project yielded a reduced cost for the client, as well as better results and overall improvement in their ability to provide cohesive travel packages.
  • DEO was pleased to accept additional work and gain another satisfied long term client.
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