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American Football Portal Experiences the Increased Number of Memberships by Accurate and Quality Database

The Client:

The client is the owner of American football portal and he is one of the famous personalities in gaming community with remarkable contribution to the game.

American Football Portal Experiences

The Business Situation:

The client required us to develop a web database exclusively for the game of American football by inputting the necessary information on different headings such as the details of all teams representing his state with complete players' profile, the schedule for upcoming matches with venue details, the details of tournament sponsors and team franchisees, the previous track record of all teams played with players' performance, and other related information from various websites and libraries. As required by the client, the database has to be a single source of information for all football lovers seeking information frequently.

The Challenges:

Below mentioned were few challenges we encountered during the project implementation:

  • To draft a long-lasting web database customized solution within a short turnaround time
  • To keep web database organized in a way that helps web administrators to maintain constantly changing information
  • Creating crawler macros to extract American football specific data from the web and structuring
  • Data cleansing by American football pro to present the information as accurate as possible

The Solution:

We addressed the client's requirements with the following step-by-step solutions.

  • Assigning a team of experienced database analysts for analyzing data requirements, modeling the data and data flows
  • Preparing a list of segments of data requirements, understanding the scope of the work, and identifying the right sources of data collection
  • Gathering data from extensive research (referring other websites for football), and other physical references as suggested by the client
  • Analyzing data for authenticity, accuracy, and completeness to assure 100% quality output to the client.

The Result:

Below mentioned were the outcomes of the project:

  • The client was able to cover historic American football data and game statistics.
  • Client witnessed increased memberships due to accurate and quality database with comprehensive information about American football.
  • His web portal became one of the trusted authority sites for information on American football.
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