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Whopping CRM Data Entry Project for Leading Software Firm Digitizing Schools

The Client- An Established Software Firm

Specializing in productivity and progress, the client is a well-established software and app developer. They provide services in custom software creation, tailored business digitization, and other similar services. By following the motto never to compromise or cut corners, the client follows a meticulous development process to ensure that their final product is the ultimate solution. They have become one of the leading digitization corporations in the world, guaranteeing high-quality work and top-of-the-range end products.

Software Firm

Requirements for the Data Entry Project

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) was approached by the client with a list of schools they were working with. In general, the schools receive and keep all personal details on students and their guardians in the documents which were originally filled out upon acceptance to the schools. This information includes names and surnames of the students and parents, physical addresses, payment details, credit card numbers, banking details, work details, medical records, allergies, and so on.

The client needed all of these documents to be extracted and stored in digital format in the client's CRM. The objective was to provide access to the schools about their students at the click of a button, instead of the old school method of rifling through stacks of paperwork.

Challenges Faced by DEO's Data Entry Specialists

When the team at DEO took on this project, the main challenges were due to the condition in which the data had been captured. In many instances, the information was difficult to read from the files due to bad handwriting. Also, our team found out that the CRM was not accepting if even a single field was empty. In many instances, the credit card details for the students were not there, so we had to look for a workaround and resolved the issue by entering dummy credit card details with client's approval.

These hurdles made the entire process slower than anticipated; however, we soon got used to the requirements by following a structured process document, and all the delivery timelines were met.

Our Data Entry Process for This Project

We received all the details in the handwritten form that needed to be recaptured and entered into the client's CRM. The team of online data entry operators did this by following the below process:

  • After receiving the hand-written admission forms in PDF format, we reviewed every form and segregated the forms with or without the required set of information. As requested by the client, this was necessary to bring out the forms that were incomplete.
  • We received batches of 300-500 forms per week for data entry and formed a team of three full-time resources for the project.
  • Along with the client, we conducted an on-call training session discussing the objective, requirements, scope of the project, delivery milestones, and deliverables.
  • Working in programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, we recaptured the information as accurately and clearly as possible and updated into the client's CRM.

Project Benefits for the Client and Data Entry Outsourced

Data Entry Outsourced was able to help the client with the digitization of the school records and created an efficient system. We completed the tasks within the specified deadline which lead to the launch of the client's front-end application to be subscribed and used by the schools. The client was happy from both quality and cost point of view. We are confident that our expertise will continue to benefit the client in all the present and future engagements.

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