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CRM Data Entry to Support a Brilliant Idea of On-the-go Luggage Transport

The Client - An Innovative Luggage Transport Provider

Our client offers secure luggage storage solutions for travelers who are tired of being bogged down by bags when they're on the road. The company works with a network of shops and hotels around the globe, all of which have secure extra space available. Customers book a secure luggage storage spot online, and can rest easy knowing that they can travel without carting all their heavy bags along.

Innovative Luggage Transport Provider

Requirements for the Data Entry Project

The client was planning an expansion of their services by offering luggage transfers from hotels to any location in the same city. Initially, the client would begin operating from 28 hotels in Paris to a central warehouse, ending with a drop-off at the location specified by the customer.

To help speed things along, the client was on the hunt for an outsourcing partner to handle a time-sensitive CRM data entry task and the client eventually approached the team at Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) for the project. Once logged in their portal, the request needed to be updated in their CRM within 3-4 hours' time.

The expected volume of the task was around 100 requests per day over a number of months.

Challenges Faced By Our Data Entry Team

The main challenge with this project was finding resources who would be available at the correct time each day. We needed to ensure that the required updates would be completed within 3 - 4 hours after receiving each request.

Process Followed by Our CRM Data Entry Team

Once we managed to set up a team of 2 dedicated FTE resources, we developed a step-wise process that would enable us to deliver exemplary service to our client.

  • We set up a dedicated email account.
  • DEO's team monitored the client's web portal round the clock, 7 days a week and fetched new request details as they came in.
  • Upon the receipt of each new set of details, our team members updated the details in the client's CRM.
  • We kept a detailed log of the updated information to ensure complete accuracy and transparency.

DEO Helped Client with More than 60% Cost Saving

Due to our thorough approach and complete dedication, the client enjoyed a 60-70% cost saving. This financial benefit, along with the continuous updates provided by our team, ensured that the client was 100% satisfied with the service provided. We look forward to working on further long-term projects in the future.

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