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DEO Provides Precision Data Entry for Handwritten Medical Notes and Prescriptions

The Client - A Health Outreach Provider

The client is a medical group that was formed to answer health challenges around the world. They do this by deploying mobile medical teams by boat, packhorse or on foot to remote, underserved areas, where they conduct ongoing health services and community development projects. Through years of experience, and beneficial partnerships they have successfully reached and treated over 60,000 patients as of 2017.

Health Outreach Provider

Medical Data Entry Requirements for the Project

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) for data entry transcriptions of hand-written medical notes and prescriptions that have been collected through their work. They provided the medical notes to us in the form of scanned PDF documents through Dropbox.

Challenges Faced By the Data Entry Outsourced Team

In this data collation and data entry project, the main challenges our team faced were due to the quality of the hand-written medical notes which were barely legible in some cases. And also the knowledge of medical practices and medication that was needed to complete the work accurately.

We countered these problems by consulting the client often to form a clear understanding. Also, we did some research on the different details to better our knowledge on this matter.

Our Detailed Process

The client was very forthcoming with their exact needs and expectations for this project; they worked for hand in hand with us which greatly assisted us in delivering high-quality outputs. The process that we followed was as below:

  • At Data Entry Outsourced (DEO), we started by forming an experienced team of three members to deal with medical data entry.
  • We set a goal of completing around 50 patient records for 15 patients each day.
  • After receiving the scanned prescriptions of patients and hand-written notes, our data entry operators enter the details in those documents to an Excel sheet.
  • The fields in the Excel were – Name, Age, Date of Birth, Tests, Medical condition, medical history, medication prescribed, etc.
  • We did a round of QC to ensure the accuracy of the data entry.
  • And finally, the Excel sheets were uploaded back through Dropbox, for the client's appraisal.

Our Client Benefited with 60% Cost Saving and 100% Accuracy

The client has done amazing healthcare work for so many needy people around the world and has made massive strides in getting things done for those who cannot achieve this for themselves. At Data Entry Outsourced, we were honored to be able to assist in this matter.

Because we selected only our most experienced team members for this task, we were able to achieve a 100% accuracy rate. We completed the work ahead of schedule and provided the client with 60% in cost savings. The client was so impressed by the quality of our final outputs that more projects have been handed over for us to complete. We feel this partnership will be highly beneficial to all parties concerned in future.

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