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Management Education Organization Outsources Data Entry Project to DEO

The Client - A Top-Rated Management Education Firm

A global leader in management education, our client is located on the outskirts of Chicago. Their portfolio consists of four full-time MBA programs, and joint degrees with medical, law, and engineering schools. They also offer a part-time MBA, and extensive executive education programs. With a global network of high-ranking alumni, our client is a predominant thought leader in the business education world.

Management Education Firm

OCR Data Entry Requirements

The client needed extensive data entry assistance from Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) to capture a 70,000 page PDF document using optical character recognition (OCR) software. The captured data had to be proofread, and any discrepancies found during the QC process were to be corrected through manual data entry, before going through another round of final proofreading. The document contained historical tables arranged by year, vital data that had to be accurately captured and displayed in an easy-to-access and searchable format.

Challenges Faced By Our Online Data Entry Team

The time constraints (2-month deadline) and the limited number of possible resources proved challenging, considering the sheer volume of data, and the level of accuracy required. Intensive digitization of a PDF of this size, and the meticulous accuracy checking process is highly time and resource intensive. An additional challenge arose from the limitation to 10 resources, and the requirement of 100 pages to be delivered weekly. The challenges were substantial in this project, however our highly experienced team rose to meet them, relying on years of experience and high tech solutions.

Process Followed by Data Entry Outsourced

Using our highly detailed protocols, our team was able to rise above these challenges and complete the project on time and with the highest quality outputs. The process that we followed was as below:

  • The first step we took was to run the full 70,000 page document through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.
  • The OCR software allowed a huge time saving, but does carry the risk of discrepancies, due to misreads.
  • To combat the errors from the OCR output, our specialists embarked on detailed proof reading with manual data input where necessary to ensure total accuracy.
  • Using multi-level QC and manual entry coupled with OCR, and by cleverly scheduling the 10 available resources resulted in successful project completion.
  • After a final round of QC, the document was handed over with the highest level of quality within the agreed timeline.

Successful Project Completion with 100% Accuracy

The project was handled diligently and completed successfully, which gave the client the benefit of receiving fully accurate data delivered on time. The digitization of a massive document of this size saved our client an inestimable amount of time and money. The client was impressed by our process and speed of delivery, resulting in rave reviews and many repeat requests for further work. Projects like this illustrate how successful and mutually beneficial it can be to outsource this type of project to seasoned experts.

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