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Outsource OCR Services

Companies everywhere are looking for better ways to organize their paper documents and images, as they need their documents to be quickly retrievable and easily searchable, and modern scanners are not able to search scanned text. Luckily, there is a technology known as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that is able to "read" digital text and save it accordingly.

Our OCR services are the cornerstone of great document management. We work with companies all over the world and utilize OCR scanning to help create readable data from printed documents. With OCR, you can create comprehensive databases that are certain to help your company get better organized, and retrieve files with ease.


Benefits of Our OCR Services

OCR is designed to both save space and turn your scanned documents into readable files. With OCR scanning, you can:

  • Replace hardcopy files with digital files, and vice versa.
  • Quickly and easily create an e-copy of any document.
  • Transform a scanned document into a Word file.
  • Search through thousands of scanned files with a keyword or phrase.
  • Drastically reduce your physical storage space and the costs of filing and upkeep.

Choose Us For Your OCR Services

We offer the best OCR pricing, and our OCR scanning services are second to none. We not only use the latest in OCR technology—we're also data entry and quality control experts, and we know how to examine every character and ensure that it is properly converted into ASCII code.

Our software allows us to achieve efficient document flow—far greater than you will receive with an in-house system—and you will be able to dedicate your resources to far more valuable tasks. We can handle any-sized volume, and we also use programs that provide Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), which is an advanced type of OCR technology. ICR can even understand most handwritten notes. Your data will be kept confidential and secure, and we always guarantee the utmost safety of your critical information.

OCR Services and File Types

Our OCR services work with numerous file types, including, but not limited to:

  • Black or colored text on white paper.
  • Marketing manuals and flyers.
  • Resumes and application forms.
  • Photographs and artwork.
  • Tax forms, payroll forms, salary information, databases and more.
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OCR services are the best way to create a paperless organizational system that is built to last.

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