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Online Data Entry Project for Leading Hydroponic Farming Firm

The Client - Specialist Hydroponic Farming Company

Our client specializes in hydroponically grown living greens. Their major calling card is the fact that they use up to 85% less water and 70% less land than traditional farmers, making theirs a highly sustainable operation. This firm's top-quality produce is delivered to retailers with the roots intact, ensuring the freshest possible product that lasts for up to a week longer than regular fresh fruit and vegetables.

Specialist Hydroponic Farming Company

Requirements for the Data Entry Project

The client required Data Entry Outsourced to perform online data entry of information delivered via Google Drive to our dedicated FTE on a weekly basis. The data dump was based on information collected by the client on the plants every day throughout the preceding week.

All the inputs were farming related and contained information including:

  • Time of harvest
  • Time of planting
  • Growth stage of crops
  • The weight of the crop (as obtained via industry-standard mechanisms)
  • Plant growth and weight data in the form of PDF documents

The final output was to be entered on the client's CISCO enabled web portal. Each day, the FTE assigned to the project needed to complete 50 entries.

Challenges Faced by Our Data Entry Team

The biggest challenge we faced was finding the ideal FTE resource for the job on relatively short notice. However, DEO is extremely well connected, and we have access to networks of highly experienced data entry professionals. As such, we were able to find a dedicated resource to assign to the task, and the results speak for themselves.

Detailed Process Followed by the Data Entry Outsourced Team

Once we found the perfect data entry candidate for the job, we settled on the following process to get the job done in a timely and accurate manner:

  • The required details were sent to us via PDF
  • Based on the standard nomenclature, we carefully segregated the information for each record based.
  • The correct information was entered into the appropriate fields in the client's web portal.
  • All 50 of the required tasks were submitted daily, and the client was given an accompanying update about the closure of the batch.

Huge Cost Saving Benefit for the Client

We were able to find an FTE that was in the correct time zone for this project, ensuring that the appropriate hours were kept fitting in with the client's schedule. We were also able to pass on cost savings of 60%, which the client was highly appreciative of. Our affordable rates and commitment to quality work have ensured that we will enjoy working on similar projects shortly.

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