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B2B Database Creation and List Building Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers carefully designed organizational solutions, such as B2B Database Creation and List Building Services to approach the right customers. Organizations can rely on DEO's swift data mining processes to correctly locate, collect, compile, and organize B2B contact lists based on the information that drives results. Customized database composition, with segmentation based on a variety of industry subdivisions, enables B2B companies to quickly find, retrieve, and utilize stored information.

With quality assurance and consistency across all service models, agile solution deployment, and demonstrated value in flexible pricing structures, B2B companies can acquire optimized B2B Database Creation, and List Building Solutions from the globally trusted experts at DEO.


DEO's Range of B2B Database Creation
and List Building Services

DEO administers a range of services that address the long-term performance of database creation and the relevance and accuracy of list building objectives. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO performs research and collects B2B contact data from a variety of sources, whereby the information is then processed, enhanced, authenticated, and organized according to client parameters. This ensures that the compiled contact data meet highly specific B2B business needs, and contact information is not invalid or outdated.

  • DEO defines a highly structured data categorization technique to carefully implement all acquired B2B contact data into an index that's completely personalized per client-defined criteria. Indexing streamlines the ability of businesses to access, use, reference, share, and manage their B2B related contact information.

  • DEO offers concise archiving solutions that secure B2B contact data in a separate storage configuration that's optimized for longevity and data retention. Non-active B2B contact data will still be locatable, accessible, usable, structured, and compliant.

  • DEO creates lists that are designed in a B2B compatible format. This includes merging and integrating new contact list information with any pre-existing company databases or web portals or developing entirely new databases that leverage contact data most effectively.

  • DEO offers ongoing database maintenance options that are available to provide continuously up to date, relevant contact data. This includes supplementing contact information with new forms of segmentation, such as email, postal address, phone, and other classifications that help B2B companies better categorize and cluster their contact records.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO's B2B
Directed Solutions

DEO ensures maximum satisfaction for B2B companies with supplemental tactics that facilitate the successful building of directed contact lists and customized database creation, in addition to providing the following benefits:

  • Customized Configuration: DEO conducts all necessary research to ensure that organizations will receive highly personalized, role-based lists built specifically to their varied B2B needs and model, rather than a configured list.

  • Verified B2B Contact Data: DEO will source verified B2B contacts to help businesses gain qualified leads for marketing, networking, customer profiling, business affiliations, and targeted communication.

  • Marketing Directives: B2B companies can develop contact lists for upcoming email and marketing campaigns that may be useful to incentivize potential customer acquisition, investor relations, and revenue growth.

  • Myriad Segmentation Options: DEO builds, and frames lists to match your desired market specification, whether it is for a niche industry segment or a larger corner of the market. This includes designations such as zip codes, employee size, industry and business type, title, revenue, date, income, and geography.

  • Value Proposition: DEO determines how databases and contact lists will support your unique B2B requirements by understanding the value proposition behind each source and deciding which ones will be most effective and valuable for your company.

  • Quality Data: Businesses can ensure that they have a quality up to date and consistent list that aligns with their marketing and sales goals and flexible database options that are organized by unlimited attributes in a combination of structured data fields.

  • Targeted Research: DEO ensures that B2B companies can identify and acquire the business leads that are most important to their objectives, researching and hand selecting B2B contacts based on criteria provided by you.

  • Defining B2B Prospect Base: Data Entry Outsourced extracts data points for B2B contact lists that define your unique prospect base, ensuring extraneous information is not included via utilization of a technique that enhances data mining with the development of exclusionary contact terms.

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