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Facebook Data Mining Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers unique Facebook Data Mining Services that helps companies build efficiently organized customer profiles and contact lists to support their marketing and sales initiatives, human resource management, customer loyalty programs, and advertising strategies.

Businesses can utilize DEO's Facebook Data Mining Services to learn more about current or prospective customers, analyze customer trends, elevate customer engagement levels with more targeted digital marketing strategies, and develop nuanced contact profile lists. DEO's emphasis on precision and rapid, accurate techniques during the data mining process enables companies to obtain readily available customer and contact information.

Competitive pricing, scalability, and consistent quality guide DEO's processes throughout our Facebook Data Mining Solutions, ensuring we generate actionable solutions for clients.


DEO's Facebook Data Mining
Service Range

Data Entry Outsourced gathers, analyzes, and collates Facebook data to assemble a precise directory of contacts and business connections. Services from DEO include, but are not limited to:

  • DEO swiftly collects specific customer data from thousands of relevant Facebook profiles, utilizing a combination of our own experience and business directives provided by the client. Customer and contact data is gathered, validated, enhanced, analyzed, and processed for optimized and well-structured information.

  • A prominent option for B2B companies, DEO performs research, and collects and assembles lists of useful, relevant businesses via Facebook. Companies can expand and enhance their professional relations, network, and associations with carefully conducted Business List Data Mining.

  • DEO assembles contact data according to the best framework for achieving certain business objectives, including creating easily searchable contact list indexing. Indexing options include categorization by location, industry sector or specialization, keyword, education level, and other demographics or parameters.

  • DEO ensures that Facebook data identification, retrieval, and retention is effortless and manageable with archival solutions that encompass an effectual storage design that migrates and protects data for later use.

  • DEO assembles Facebook contact data into a storage repository per the client's request, whether it's a corporate database, web portal, or data warehouse. This facilitates fast, smooth accessibility of information in an on-demand format.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO's Facebook
Mining Services

Businesses can take advantage of the wealth of information Facebook has to offer, and obtain valuable contact data with DEO's Facebook Mining Services, as well as gain the following benefits:

  • Relevant Data: DEO can cross-check a company's existing contact lists with newly compiled Facebook contact profiles to ensure there's no redundant content or information in the business's internal database.

  • Sales Forecasting: Through DEO's data mining of customer profiles on Facebook, companies can learn what customers are purchasing, and develop marketing and sales tactics around these behaviors to predict when and what they will purchase again.

  • Manage Marketing Strategies: Organizations can better manage their email marketing campaigns, advertising strategies, and promotional lists with accurately configured and conveniently appointed databases.

  • Customized Warehouse: DEO can create a database or data warehouse based on client-provided specs, including alternate segments of data so that organizational components support management's decision-making processes.

  • Develop Comprehensive Profiles: Businesses can develop more comprehensive contact profiles by augmenting their current customer, client, or business partner databases with newly acquired data from Facebook, such as up to date phone numbers, email addresses, locations, and more.

  • Enhanced Customer Profiles: Neatly configured and summarized information mined from Facebook, and presented by DEO, enables businesses to create comprehensive email marketing lists, gain information for lead generation, and establish profitable customer relationships.

  • Align Campaigns with Customer Needs: Organizations can align their knowledge-based marketing and advertising campaigns more closely with customer behaviors and preferences, as well as predict future customer trends.

  • Multiple Formats: In addition to database creation (either in-house or via the cloud), DEO optionally presents mined contact and profile information in other simplified, interpretable formats, such as graphs, tables, and other visualizations.

  • Data Protection: DEO protects all sensitive client data with industry standard security practices and deploys additional rigorous privacy protocols throughout our state of the art facility, including 24-hour surveillance of equipment and premises, and strict authorization-only access to client data.

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Powerful Facebook Data Mining Solutions

Companies can take advantage of all the data Facebook has to offer by utilizing DEO's Facebook Data Mining Services. Data Entry Outsourced focuses on effective data collection and warehousing according to client requests so that companies can generate more revenue and effectively manage customer information. To learn more about our affordable, solution-driven service range and how it can help your business, contact the experienced data mining professionals at DEO today.