Motorbike Accessories Firm Outsource Data Mining Project Through Data Entry Outsourced

Data Mining Project Outsourced

The client is a group of bike specialists that have taken their passion for all things motorbike and created an online hub for any and all like-minded individuals. They offer a vast amount of experience in an array of the different bike makes and specifications, offering over 50 000 different types of products and also providing technical know-how and assistance when required.

By visiting their website, bike enthusiasts can easily and affordably order any related tools, gears or vehicle parts they need that might be difficult to find otherwise.

Requirements for the Data Mining Project

The client contacted Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) for professional data mining assistance in their ecommerce endeavor. We were required to scan the Internet and specific manufacturing sites to find the latest and relevant data on the specific bike makes and vehicle parts.

Challenges Tackled by Our E-Commerce Data Entry Team

Once our team began working on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to the topic-specific nature of the data we were working with. The technicalities of each product required a certain level of bike knowledge to ensure an accurate data collection.

This was also affected by the fact that each manufacturer had different details on each product which made it difficult to determine which facts were relevant and which ones were not. Our work was also slightly hindered by a language barrier of sorts; most of the data collected were in Polish and so had to be translated into English before we could begin to work with it.

To contend with these challenges, we first determined which manufacturers were held in the highest regard, had the longest standing and the most information on their products. We categorized the data according to product type and translated whole batches to speed up the process.

In terms of bike knowledge, anything that lacked clarity was brought to the client's attention for inspection and clarification. By working hand in hand with the client, we were able to greatly enhance our productivity and complete each task according to requirements.

Adopting a Stepwise Process

By combining our data mining and capturing expertise with the knowledge and experience afforded by the client our team at Data Entry Outsourced was able to ensure a professional completion according to the client's specifications.

Our detailed process was as follows:

  • We started our process by attending an online video training session provided by the client.
  • The client sent us the required information via email in the form of a list of the spare parts, product id number, etc.
  • After that our team began mining the different manufacturers in search of the data we needed.
  • This data was categorized and translated and then filtered according to the compatible and incompatible features of each product.
  • Once the relevant data was extracted, we uploaded the information onto the client's online portal.
  • Finally, after an inspection and go-ahead from the client, we published the new products uploads.

What Benefits DEO Brought In

The client decided to outsource this project because they needed professional and accurate work that would enhance their performance moving forward. At Data Entry Outsourced, we pay very special attention to every task we complete, using years of experience and in-depth knowledge we can honestly say that they could not have chosen a better partner. Because of our attention to detail, the client received the exact data boost they were looking for at a third of the estimated time budget. Because of this they also received a saving in costs.

They were extremely impressed by our work and have since requested more data mining to be handled by us. Moving forward we anticipate a beneficial and productive working relationship with the client for many months to come.

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