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LinkedIn Data Mining Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) fills an integral need for businesses with efficiently executed LinkedIn Data Mining Services. Whether a company needs to create a list of target customers, or compile contact details for potential accounts or talent recruitment, DEO does the research, mines data, and systematically organizes it for the most effective, customized result.

DEO helps businesses in utilizing this powerful data mining service as a dynamic source of building exclusive contact lists in LinkedIn and generating lead lists. With DEO, marketers, sales departments, human resources, and decision makers can enhance their marketing and advertising strategies, and further their professional reach, as well as maintain well-organized client and contact data.

DEO's scalable, error-proof LinkedIn Data Mining Solutions are presented according to your unique needs, with emphasis on relevant, up to date contact information.


DEO's All-Inclusive Range of LinkedIn Data Mining Services

DEO's expansive knowledge and experience allow massive volumes of data to be processed and organized accurately and to exact business specifications when building LinkedIn contact lists. This scalable service range includes, but is not limited to:

  • DEO searches through thousands of LinkedIn profiles, guided by highly specific, custom criteria offered by our clients. Contact data is collected, validated, and any extraneous or redundant information is discarded to ensure only useful, meaningful contact information remains.

  • DEO researches, collects and compiles lists of pertinent businesses on LinkedIn to help organizations widen their professional network and connections, a particularly helpful tool for B2B companies.

  • DEO can categorize information based on any number of parameters, including designing contact organization to be cross-referenceable and easy to locate with contact list indexing. Contact data can be indexed by keyword, some employees in a certain field, skill set, education level, and more.

  • DEO streamlines the process of LinkedIn data location, retrieval, and retention with archiving options that are designed to facilitate more swift and productive use of stored information.

  • DEO prepares and formats LinkedIn contact profiles for upload into a database or web portal of the client's choosing so that all information is ready for quick access, or future use.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO's LinkedIn
Data Mining Solutions

Organizations can gain a distinct competitive advantage with a neatly configured database of LinkedIn profiles mined and processed by the experts at DEO, in addition to the following benefits:

  • Customized Criteria: Create a useful, convenient database that allows your business to quickly comb through contacts based on fully customized, predetermined criteria.

  • Guaranteed Security: Businesses can rely on the utmost confidentiality and security when entrusting their data to DEO, who maintains a modern facility and practices rigid client privacy protocols.

  • Enhanced Profiles: Companies can have the accompanying visual aids to go along with compiled contact lists with LinkedIn Image Data Mining, to connect contact photos with professional profile information.

  • Enhance Marketing Campaigns: Organizations can build extensive email marketing lists, form niche organizational segments, and demographics for contact lists, and plan intelligent marketing campaigns based on well-structured LinkedIn data sourced from DEO.

  • Optimized for Greater Accessibility: LinkedIn contact lists can be organized into an online portal, or content management system for greater ease and accessibility.

  • Profiles for B2B and B2C: DEO can personalize and modify the data mining approach to building LinkedIn contact lists according to either B2B or B2C needs, for a completely tailored profile that works with your business model and objectives.

  • Organized by Design: Gathered LinkedIn information can be segmented according to specific attributes or applicable qualifications, such as previous experience level, geography, desired salary, and skill set.

  • Ongoing Updates: Businesses can ensure that they have access to fresh, relevant contact data at all times, and continuously evolve their LinkedIn contact lists, with scheduled Data Mining updates from DEO.

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Transparent Practices and Targeted Solutions from DEO

Data Entry Outsourced brings value to businesses with cost-effective LinkedIn Data Mining Solutions that helps companies turn contacts into potential contact leads and lucrative business sources. DEO's strict adherence to quality and professional approach to client service enhances our customized solutions.

Contact us today, and receive a comprehensive consultation with our skilled team, and discover how our unique LinkedIn Data Mining Services can drive career network expansion.