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Twitter Data Mining Services

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) sets a precedent for providing methodically assembled customer data, contact lists, and individual profiles with scalable Twitter Data Mining Services. Businesses can track and monitor customer information, activity, preferences, and apply the information towards creating a compendium of profiles, contact lists, and business networks. DEO's Twitter Data Mining Services provides the in-depth customer data to help businesses seize consumer-based opportunities, and design marketing tactics that drive customer engagement.

Twitter is a hugely important source for contact data, and DEO offers a concise, competitively priced service structure to ensure companies can harness the most useful information from this social media landscape.


Twitter Data Mining Service
Offerings from DEO

DEO utilizes technically driven tools and methodologies to validate results, offering thoughtfully curated organizational components to this range of Twitter Data Mining options. Our services include:

  • DEO targets specific customer profiles and information based on the predetermined parameters set forth by our clients. The contact data is meticulously collected from Twitter, research is conducted, and the information is processed, validated, and enriched, with only the most pertinent, quality contact data remaining.

  • DEO builds a defined data structure to index all Twitter contact information according to business objectives. Contact lists are accessible, retrievable, and ordered so that companies can easily find, cite, reference, share, and manage their Twitter Contact lists.

  • DEO creates a custom formatted Twitter Contact Database that ensures businesses don't have to sift through contact data to locate and recall necessary information. Contact data is prioritized depending on client-defined criteria and is adaptable to merge with existing databases or master lists.

  • DEO provides archiving options that enable businesses to protect their Twitter Contact Profiles while still maintaining data access, retention, compliance, and usability.

  • DEO ensures that businesses can access the contact information they need from amongst the thousands of company-based Twitter accounts. Business profile data is defined, researched, collected, and assembled into an inventory of organized information, for a business-driven list that enhances professional networking capabilities.

Benefits of Utilizing DEO's Twitter
Data Mining Services

Organizations rely on DEO's customized solutions for Twitter contact data, obtaining relevant information that's reallocated and adapted to suit various business-driven objectives, in addition to enjoying the following benefits:

  • Reduce Churn: Businesses can develop focused customer retention programs and reduce churn by building customer dossiers that fit churn profiles and proactively incentivize them to stay.

  • Pinpoint Customers: Utilize a tailored database to generate integrated and attainable customer and business information to help your marketing teams pinpoint their customers more successfully.

  • Email Segmentation: Companies can avoid sending generic, mass marketing emails by segmenting customers according to captured Twitter contact data and directing their email campaigns towards more effective outcomes.

  • Actionable Consumer Signals: DEO can mine Twitter data to achieve purposeful goals, such as identifying consumer signals that help companies act on customer journey behaviors.

  • Influence Purchasing Behaviors: Fill out customer account information according to unique demographic identifiers, including gender, age range, and profession to utilize a combination of variables that better influence customer purchasing decisions.

  • Personalize Outreach: By compiling rich customer profiles, companies can monitor response rates, and understand the content and channels that impact key segments and micro-segments.

  • Executive Contact Lists: Businesses can itemize their most important customer and professional contact information, as well as business contacts, from amongst countless contact data with executive contact lists.

  • Link Social Media Activity: Businesses can capture digital Twitter profiles to attach activities to customer profiles via their social media presence data.

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Breakthrough Twitter Data Mining Solutions

Companies need collaborative solutions that fully address all of their contact and customer profile building objectives. Data Entry Outsourced is the professional outsourcing partner of choice for businesses who are seeking social media directed Data Mining campaigns. Contact our knowledgeable team today to discuss Twitter Data Mining Service options and receive a complimentary consultation.